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  1. It's working. Deleted a prior cache partition I used with RST. Thanks!
  2. Heeeeey I know this is an old post but I haven't been on the site for a bit - I kept the 1440p @ 120hz with the GTX 1070, they gave me some money back to not return it which helped and for the price I most definitely got the best deal. While I'm still very annoyed with them that they made me wait until I got it in the mail just to redundantly return it RIGHT AFTER ordering it and they came out with the 1080; I overall could still not be more pleased all things considered. To date I've yet to see a 1440p panel on any laptop running at 120hz and it also kinda more so justifies getting the amplifier later. If you'd like to see my new thread I'm currently having an issue using Intel RST on a desktop with Optane memory if you could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers!
  3. So from what I've seen apparently when I'm not wanting to run Optane on the master drive and I'm just using it on the slave drive to make games load faster I just use RST and choose the Optane drive. Is this right? The new and current issue I am having is I am trying to install an older version of Intel RST from Asus' site and it keeps saying I have a newer version installed. Please see my other new thread I started regarding this.
  4. Long story short I've "uninstalled" Intel Rapid Storage Technology in the traditional fashion so that I could install an Asus vendor supplied version of Intel RST that works with my motherboard but when I try to install it, for whatever reason, it keeps saying that I have a newer version installed. It isn't on the program list. But when I use Intel Driver & Support Assistance for it to scan my computer under software it says that the newer version of Intel RST is still installed. Yeah, pretty weird. This happen to anyone else and does anyone know how I can fix it?
  5. Yep, if I don't figure it out soon then another thread will be going up.
  6. They sent me a new brackets and screws and all. It's installed, but now I am dealing with a new issue. While Intel Optane and RST is enabled in the BIOS, the new problem is that it won't let me enable it. Error code 0xA0010005. Any idea what I should do now? I've tried like everything so far.
  7. Yep, that is exactly what I need. I found the bracket itself but need the screws and the special rubber...umm...grommet? I guess that's what you could call it...whatever it's called that installed at the end to secure the M.2 drive. After tireless searching I've yet to come across one I could just order. Which is crazy because this is a very small and easy to lose part to boot. I guess I'm unavoidably going to have to call Asus in the morning. Ugh. Thanks, everyone!
  8. It's exactly as the title says. I have an Asus Maximus IX Formula motherboard and am (finally) nearing completion with my final upgrades but unfortunately as things always turn out to be at the last moment after moving to a new home I can not locate the parts that came with the mounting bracket. Since I am already missing the screws I'd rather have the black screws anyway. Ironically I have the bracket itself but unfortunately, for whatever reason in the world, they must have put those insanely small screws and M.2 holder in a separate tiny bag because I can't locate them anywhere. I will keep searching in the meantime but if anyone know where I can just order this and get it immediately as opposed this needle in a haystack search I would be most appreciative Picture of exact parts needed for the bracket here and like I said if I have to order the entire bracket again to get it all that's fine. I'd prefer the black screws that came with it anyway. Unknown
  9. It's the Alienware 17. Both options are non max-q. Had the 1080 been non Max-Q at time of order I wouldn't even be asking this but it unfortunately came out RIGHT AFTER they wouldn't allow me to cancel my order which is ridiculous - like they purposely do this so that they talk you into keeping it. Send it to you just to send it back but then take more money off. Most reviews and things online only show performance results for 1080p and not 1440p which is annoying. The GTX 1070 mobile is actually faster with more CUDA cores than the desktop version which is weird but the GTX 1080 mobile has over 400 more CUDA cores and GDDR5X memory versus GDDR5 so faster bandwidth too. Worth it to go for the 1080 non max Qfor 1440p gaming?
  10. I do TV/Netflix - I think ultimately the brighter 120hz was the best decision - but a second thought if I'm already returning to get the GTX 1080 - what do you think about 1440p gaming with GTX 1080 vs 1070?
  11. Thanks for your input! I do like color accuracy but can't look past the fact that I mainly want this for gaming. I'm currently on my 15.6" MacBook Pro with dedicated R9 M370X so for photo and video editing this is what I'll be using so no worry about missing out on anything there. I know that black friday stuff is mostly outdated crap but could be a chance to snag super high specs for a good price. Then again - this computer would be about 19% off already and for an Alienware that may be as good as it gets. How much better do you think the GTX 1080 will be at 1440p gaming? Looking at the reviews online - not worth it for 1080p as only like 10% difference but with the higher resolution those extra CUDA cores will shine. Yet what about temps and overclocking? So many factors to consider.
  12. I do plan on getting the graphics amplifier regardless. My biggest concern is whether I could get them to go down on the price to $2k even later if I decide to keep this current setup. Kind of wondered about temps with the GTX 1080. Higher frame rates is definitely better, not sure if I could see a night and day difference with the 4K being on a 17.3" display. My thoughts are having over 400 more CUDA cores for the GTX 1080. Everyone is saying there's ups and downs to the IPS panel but 120hz for gaming but I don't know how night and day their IPS panel would be but I would be restricted to 60hz. That aside, I would be calibrating the display anyway using an X-Rite calibrator to get better color and looks either way. I think I made the right decision with the 2K display since I'm mainly concerned about gaming - but don't wanna regret not spending another $300 for a better GPU. I've frustrated myself with this for days now. But have to decide soon on what to do.
  13. Okay so here goes, I'll try to sum up my situation that I want advice on. I ordered an Alienware computer. The only GTX 1080 I could get was Max-Q which would've been worse performance than the GTX 1070 OC. So I ordered the GTX 1070 OC. Then, I got offered a price when I found out they got rid of the ridiculous Max-Q (understandable for THIN laptops but I wanted full features) for a true GTX 1080 non Max-Q and it was under a $90 difference. I opted for the 1440p display with 120hz for an extra $250 as well as the upgrade wireless card and upgraded keyboard for per key RGB lighting. They are not offering me an additional $200 off if I keep the computer I have now so for an Alienware 17 with the GTX 1070 OC out the door my cost after discount would be an even $2,000 plus taxes. But I'm worried that.... 1.) Buyers remorse - I can't change the GPU later so if I keep it then I keep it 2.) Holiday deals right around the corner anyway so maybe I should wait for another deal? 3.) What if towards the end of the year they revise the laptops and I lose features I wanna keep? 4.) What if in the long run I don't get around the same deal with the GTX 1080 which was like 19% off and I can't get the GTX 1070 with all the extra features added for $2k even again? So there's my dilemma. They sent a shipping label. I have to decide whether to send it back or to keep it. Also, I'd like opinions on the display while I'm in the return period and my choices are.... 1440p (2k) - 120hz - G-Sync TN&WVA Panel with 400 nit brightness Vs. 2160p 4K - 60hz - IPS AG - G-Sync with 300 nit brightness I look forward to the replies, help me out here people! Thanks in advance!
  14. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I have an Alienware 17 on it's way - I wanted to cancel my order when I found out that the GTX 1080 up for offer is now the regular version and not the dumbed down GTX 1080 Max-Q version. The price difference is insane. As in hardly any difference but the sale will end soon. Should I return the one that's on it's way and just wait it out for another sale now that I know they drop prices constantly and it's just luck of the draw or what? I need to decide because it's on it's way so I either sign for it or deny it. The screen will be 1440p @120hz so what should I do?
  15. Update - they now offer the REGULAR GTX 1080 and can't cancel the order because, after weeks, they finally shipped the freakin' laptop. So now I'm considering returning and waiting for the GTX 1080 regular. The screen resolution is going to be 1440p, 120hz. Thoughts?