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About LukeTheCoder05

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  • Birthday September 1

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    Message me.
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    Not a bored collage student
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    NeEd FasTer IntErNet.
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    If I had to choose I'd play PS4

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    somewhere in Murica...
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    Heres a few details. that was a few details
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    School is enough


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    ASRock H270
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    8GB G.skill Aegis
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1050ti
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    Crap DIY-PC also known as life mistakes
  • Storage
    1 SP M.2 120GB+240GB SanDisk Sata3 SSD
  • PSU
    Rosewill Lepton 500W 80+ gold
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    Samsung and a TV
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    HyperX FPS Alloy
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    Logitech Z313
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    "Non-Genuine" Win10

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  1. LukeTheCoder05

    Need Game Recommendations for PC

    Just cause 3 or 4
  2. Sick boi no school 4 me

  3. LukeTheCoder05

    What the hell is this

    What does the top right sata connecter do then?
  4. LukeTheCoder05

    RX580 8GB better?

    It usually depends where you get it. With Nvidia, You could get a fortnite bundle or sometimes monster hunter thing idk
  5. LukeTheCoder05

    What the hell is this

    3.5" harddrives take 12v of power through Sata.
  6. LukeTheCoder05

    What the hell is this

    Besides, how can a dimm slot power a 12v hard drive?
  7. LukeTheCoder05

    What the hell is this

    It would be slow as molasses-covered balls
  8. LukeTheCoder05

    GTX 1060 6Gb Top 100% on Userbenchmark?

    Is post of stuff being sold allowed on the forum?
  9. LukeTheCoder05

    Motherboard for i5-9600k

    I would get a $30 Kingston 128GB SSD as a boot drive. its on newegg
  10. School. (Oh the torture)

  11. LukeTheCoder05

    Pushing power button by accident

    Not in windows.
  12. LukeTheCoder05

    PC stuck on post

    At least you can copy your data.
  13. LukeTheCoder05

    Win 10 key

    Well... the only thing you cant do is customized. no background, themes, or menu changes or anything. because you have a product key, i would just try to reactivate it with the other guys's ideas above.
  14. LukeTheCoder05

    Win 10 key

    best bet is to search it or ask some else here. i personally don't know as i've been running unactivated windows for almost a year now.
  15. LukeTheCoder05

    Win 10 key

    How would that work? you can link microsoft accounts with your old and new install then it might work.