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  1. Wjjm75

    R5 2600+mobo upgrade

    A320m-ds2 and a 1200
  2. I’m going to be upgrading to a 2600 and probably a b450, my question is is it better to buy now or wait for Black Friday?
  3. believe me it isnt, im tryna use 90Hz oc monitor on bf games
  4. Wjjm75

    Gtx 1050 not working

    did you connect the power?
  5. God Save The Queen lad
  6. Currently got a 1300x which as you can imagine is shite at most games (bottlenecks like fuck), for £140 i had my eyes on the 2600 my only other questions are how do i update my ga a320m ds2 bios?
  7. Wjjm75

    I'm pretty confused...

    ill try that i guess
  8. Wjjm75

    I'm pretty confused...

    That is making sense, I’m switching to a 2600 next month so I’ll probably get a new mobo too, thanks, probably will head down the b350 road
  9. Wjjm75

    I'm pretty confused...

    check other comment
  10. Wjjm75

    I'm pretty confused...

    ok so gtx 1060 6gb, ryzen 3 1300x @ stock 1tb hdd a320m-ds2 8gb 2400 ddr4 here he is running it on ultra when i do that im getting about 10 my ram speed is a little slow but surely thats not the reason
  11. Wjjm75

    I'm pretty confused...

    So i have a gtx 1060 6gb and a ryzen 3 1300x with 8gb 2400, every single gameplay i watch of people with this system get higher fps even though they are recording, my cpu is at stock cause my mobo is non overclockable and on bf1 they are sometimes getting 6x the fps, whats up, as they are streaming too (gpu is an EVGA SC gtx 1060)
  12. Wjjm75

    GTX 1170 upgrade?

    I agree but I was never gonna buy the 1160 lol