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  1. Rgb

    It sais it has rgb fusion
  2. Rgb

    But on the website it sais rgb fusion
  3. Rgb

  4. Rgb

    I have a gigabyte ga ab350m gaming 3 and 3 rgb fans which come with the masterbox lite 5 rgb from coolermaster
  5. Rgb

    Can you tell me where the rgb header on the ga ab350m motherboard is and how to set up rgb on it
  6. 650$ CAD budget pc build

    my main problem is bios update and i know amd can send me a boot kit but first of all i dont want to go throughthe trouble and seccond i have to show evidence that my vendor cant update the bios
  7. 650$ CAD budget pc build

    gaming like fortnite, gta v etc
  8. 650$ CAD budget pc build

    hi i am a first time builder. andi have a budget of 650$ CAD can you recccomend any build for me. (no apu)
  9. -8gb -at least 2666 MH/s because i have a ryzen 5 2400g which needs lots of ram i tried to find ram on the support list but i couldnt find decent 8gb 2666 MH/s
  10. dual vs single rank ram

    then what is the point of single and dual rank and also should i get 1 8gb or 2 4 gb
  11. hi i want to play games like fortnite and gta 5 and im getting 8gb of ballistix sport LT 2666 MT/s should i get dual rank or single if dual then can you recommend a dual rank ram for the gigabyte z370p d3 with a intel i3 8100 and gtx 1050 2gb (i am a first time builder)
  12. gaming pc build

  13. gaming pc build

    are you shour aboot dat
  14. gaming pc build

    yeah i know but i also want a gpu in there so im going with the other guys list and one more question scince the ryzen 3 220g has built in graphics is there anything i need to do to use that cpu alongside the 1050
  15. gaming pc build

    is the ryzen 3 2200g good enough for decent games as listed above