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  1. Seems these will be dropping mid2019. Think i'll wait for these and see how they perform. Thanks guys!
  2. So right now I'm running a 4690k @4.3ghz. I mostly play games and I know the intel CPU's are generally slightly better at pure gaming. But with Ryzen I was thinking about the 2700 vs Intel 9600k/9700k, with all the extra cores would I benefit if I have a lot of background tasks while game? I usually have chrome/youtube, discord, telegram, etc open. I don't do any video editing or workstation stuff. Just gaming and multitasking. What do ya guys think?
  3. Sounds like they should already have their own service for that. But Linus used Getty Images I believe.
  4. Fake horse! :P

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      I'm a furry. My GF is also a furry, and her fursona is a horse. So I dedicated my forum handle to her.

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  5. Because there is more of a demand for iPhones. Look at any 2014 android phone that's had it's next gen come out in 2015. It will likely be half off or more. Nexus 6, November 2014: $649 October 2015: $299
  6. What's wrong with the Note 5? Phone's depreciate quickly..
  7. Are you sure the graphics device your games are using is the 980Ti and not the Intel integrated graphics?
  8. Not sure how you would go about doing it but it should be possible. I know notifications aren't only allowed by the OS as I've gotten teamspeak notifications before.
  9. I just want something for very light games like FTL and Kingdom I think i'm going to go with this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DT4A2R4/ Thank you for all the help and suggestions c:
  10. Okay okay I don't need that much plus that only has a 4 hour battery life
  11. I can only find that in random european stores But I think I want something more powerful, 1080p and 8Gb ram preferred
  12. I'm definitely going to need more than 2GB of ram, thanks for the help though
  13. Hmm, not finding that model on Amazon or Ebay. Was it sold in the US?
  14. I was actually looking at the Inspiron 5000! As well as the Acer Aspire E15 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DT4A2R4/ref=psdc_565108_t1_B01EXQ2RB6 Thanks for the suggestions and let me know what you go with!
  15. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10/ better link^^
  16. You windows should automatically re-authenticate when you reinstall. You license key is most likely attached to the motherboard. When it asks for a product key during install click the "skip/later" button.
  17. Yup, another college laptop thread. **I don't mind buying used** My needs are: Long battery (7+ hours) Touch screen for note taking Light I was thinking of getting a used Surface pro 3 for ~$500 US, but since it's almost 2 years old I was wondering if I should try for something else? Any suggestions?
  18. Looks pretty freaking good considering it's a projector. Thanks guys.
  19. The torrent program should be able to do it. Right click the torrent and click the option "Force-recheck".
  20. Sooo replace goverment with mod team? Personally i've stopped coming for awhile because this turned into a college safe space and no one can take a joke, plus I get all my news that's posted here from reddit now and it's usually better than copy/paste and having the wrong formatting for night theme...