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  1. I'll do it maybe tomorrow, I've been busy these days. In case I'm already cleaning it, do I need to re-apply thermal paste? The last time Ire-applied it was October 2019. Btw, I just wanna ask. Is there a way to remove power limit throttling or is it normal? I undervolted my laptop for about -0.075V, and with this, my temps are a lot cooler without any trouble for almost a year. But lately I noticed this power limit throttling on XTU. I've always seeing this on XTU for almost 2 months (I think), but ignored it since there were no problem occurs since it popped up. Thank you again guys for your time!
  2. I love this game. I was happy that it was ported to steam, but at the same time sad because I was hoping for a remaster or better version of it. So heat is one of the factor that my game automatically close?
  3. Closing game automatically gone? I'm note sure yet. But I tried to play NBA2k16, it didn't closed itself, but it was only a few minutes. I will try playing it for an hour. But the unplugging battery thing is still there. Maybe my battery is in bad condition. Should I remove it already? Maybe the reasons that it is unplugging itself is because it can't deliver enough power. I don't know. I'm just guessing.
  4. How did you reinstall your GPU drivers? Did you use DDU? I really would like to have a fresh install but I don't have any external drives available right now
  5. I hope I posted it under the right forum. Whenever I tried to play NBA2k16 and WATCH_DOGS, they automatically close after a few minutes. My other games like Battle Realms, Warcraft III, DotA Underlords, Little Nightmares, DDLC, did run fine. They close automatically without any errors. I was worried that maybe my hardware is failing so I tried using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool (I used it because I don't have any external drive available right now) using extended and 2 passes settings and left it running all night. No errors found. Also, whenever I tried to play CS: GO, my laptop unplugs itself. It makes a sound that only occurs when it is unplugged. It only happens when I play CS: GO. I even made sure that the charger is plugged properly. It is not loose or what. I even rarely unplug my laptop. I only unplug it whenever I will bring it somewhere far away. What could be the problem? Here are the specs of my laptop: Intel i5-825u nVidia MX150 2GB 8GB DDR3L 1TB SAMSUNG SSD 860 EVO Windows 10 2004 (19041.388)
  6. Sorry if you think it's broad, but that's what I want to know Those Whys and the what. I'm already a Windows user since then and I am just wondering what are the Pros and Cons of each of them and why others uses only 1 or more OSes, maybe you could give some of your experience? Thank you for your honest opinion It some how gave me an idea. Thank you for your answer
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu, Windows 10, and MacOS? Preferably the latest versions. Also what unique features makes them special? What technology/ies? Why others have only 1 or more OSes? I'm just wondering, I hope I get answers from an experienced users, or maybe you could elaborate your experiences. Thanks!
  8. Tried it since yesterday and until now but they are not responding.
  9. Nothing happens when I clicked the "Get it now". It just gone and nothing happens. I already tried cleaning chrome, nothing happens, and tried different e-mail, stick doesn't work. When I try to click "Get it NOW", the button disappears and nothing happens. Checked my e-mail, nothing is received. Any idea guys?
  10. Some apps uses my intel graphics and makes rendering crappy, like autodesk. It ignores my nvidia graphics card.
  11. Hi guys, I'm having a problem. My laptop is a newly bought Acer E 15 i5-8250U with integrated Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 and with Dedicated 2GB GDDR5 nVidia MX150. What I wan't to do is to set nVidia as a PRIMARY GRAPHICS CARD and not the intel one. What I have already done is: - Disabled Intel Graphics Card under Device Manager but It only turned my screen to a lower resolution so I enabled it back. - Opened nVidia Control Panel and set PhysX processor to GeForce MX150 and under 'Manage 3D Setiings' I chose High-Performance NVIDIA processor under Global Settings. But I think it didn't work too because I can still see Intel as my graphics card in dxdiag and display adapter properties. - I also uninstalled all nvidia products and re-installed it but nothing happened. It just updated my nvidia driver. - I also tried visiting BIOS but no success. I don't see any settings that's familiar on graphics card. PLease help me EDIT: nVidia graphics card works when gaming but only in gaming, I want to use it all the time, as the title says, as my PRIMARY GRAPHICS CARD.
  12. wow guys! Thank you for your answers! I suddenly remembered that I forgot to see more the details of them. But I learned something, more CPU power, good for productivity and more GPU, good for gaming. I have a follow-up question, it is true that CPU power is good for productivity, but how much factor does CPU power affects gaming? Imagine this as for example, let's say an i5-7th gen with a 'U' with nVidia 1080 compared with i7-8th gen with a 'K' with nvidia 920MX.
  13. How come Surface book 2 with i7-8th gen with nVidia GTX 1060 is inferior with Acer Helios 300 when gaming AND how cam Acer Helios 300 becomes inferior with Surface book 2 when it comes to productivity when it has the advantage in gaming wherein in gaming requires huge raw power of CPU and GPU? PLEASE enlighten me. Linus ignores my comment . Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00aQl_XuQqw