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  1. as soon as i start downloading something it drops back to 3 mbp/s
  2. really weird. both cables now give me 9 mbp/s
  3. ive got another cable, ill see if it makes a difference
  4. aaand it dropped back to 2 mbp/s
  5. could be, im contacting the IT department but they will probabaly answer me monday
  6. just rebooted after updating drivers, its now at 9 mbp/s
  7. ahh that might be it, ill look into that and ill let you know
  8. nobody else has and nope, max is 100 mb
  9. It disconnected me from the internet
  10. ill try to manually fix it
  11. so weird tho, can it be the cable that is limited? its a kinda long cable but how would that limited the speed?
  12. oh how do i get there? Im only connected to wifi via my ipad and phone ... my pc doesnt have wifi lol