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  1. Hi, I have reinstalled my windows today (changed motherboard, cpu, ram) The only issue that I cannot fix (and there were many hoops that I jumped through) is my browser speed. I have tested downloading using steam, torrents, skype, no issues, 10mb/s. While checking speedtest.net I get 100Mbps down and up. Which was like that previously. I have tried; Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox and the same problem: 100-400kb/s download. I have tried different sites, different files, ranging from random files of 2 GB to even downloading skype. And none of them past 400kb/s in browsers. Any ideas?
  2. Ended up buying a new USB drive which then worked perfectly... I have no idea why but the previous USB has worked on about 20 different computers, going from 10 years old to today's best computers. But does not work on this computer. NO IDEA WHY. Thank's for the ideas.
  3. I am not sure about GPT or MBR. I looked for the ISO file and clicked start. Will have a look. As for secure boot, I tried it both disabled and not. Either way, wouldnt the usb show up in bios regardless of it? If I go into usb info it shows my keyboard and mouse but not the flash drive. Or am I stupid and wrong about that
  4. Hi. I made a bootable USB using rufus to install windows on my (mostly) new PC. I bought MSI B350M gaming pro, ryzen 1200 and hyperX 1x8 3200mhz to replace my old parts. I replaced them without any problems. I booted until bios and can't seem to figure out why my USB does not show in BIOS. I go a screen showing that changes have been made and the displayed changes matches the new parts without any issues. Trying to load into old windows 7 gives me blue screen (Trying to install windows 10) I have tried multiple combinations of UEFI, UEFI+LEGACY, Windows OS configuration and some settings I don't even remember, but the same issue comes up, the USB is not recognised. Does not show up in boot menu. With certain settings the SSD and HDD I have also does not show up but most of the times it does, never does the bootable USB show up. Its a 2.0 USB. Where do I go from where to install windows on my "new" PC?
  5. Have since replaced my PSU and the problems have disappeared. P.S I also replaced my motherboard, cpu and ram. Have not changed GPU. From all the evidence, it was the power supply.
  6. https://gyazo.com/dbfa138dc95e0864f73496e42da3debc
  7. https://gyazo.com/dbfa138dc95e0864f73496e42da3debc
  8. Global WattMan tab? Thats for graphs showing activity...temps etc, cant change anything besides deselecting not to show certain graphs.
  9. Not there... https://gyazo.com/71df29ebc6872780599b7b923603c870 https://gyazo.com/7e89b468f12767daeb127e37f20d520b https://gyazo.com/371464a4b0021d686970046044885d15
  10. I go to display settings and cannot see what you're after. They look like this. https://gyazo.com/6bab5fc68fe0f07b7b2ea1d01659f18c
  11. Okay. The test i did before was 900. and do keep in mind that i did these tests once. if you need me to do more tell me, its just i don't think its that good crashing the PC so many times 900 - crashed at 'warmup' on furmark. 800 - crashed at last second of benchmark (95-100%) temp was 69 700 - crashed at last second of benchmark (95-100%) temp was 67-68 At this point I was like it just keeps crashing...I'll test 500 and be done with it. guess what. 500 - did not crash (was not looking at temps) 600 - did not crash (was not looking at temps) 650 - crashed at last second of benchmark (95-100%) this time i checked temp it was 68. Fan always on 80% clock speed as above. memory clock was never changed as you didn't tell me to, stayed at 1300
  12. I used msi aftrburner to underclock core clock from 1000 to 900. not sure if thats what i was suppose to do, but i did. I also used MSI afterburner to set fan speed to 80%. Sure it did keep the temperatures, which i played 1 game to test, but the PC sounded like a jet... Fortnite did not crash. Tried FurMark, as before it crashed pretty much couple of seconds after I started the test. That is the problem, the closest friend that might be able to borrow me a PSU is about 6 hours drive. The friends where I currently live do not have PC's. notebooks and macbooks are what they use...
  13. Idle 47. on the full use it was 80-90 if I remember correctly. I have had no issues with the GPU for 2 years, so I guess I was lucky Not sure how to underclock, never done it. That's what I thought, from the things I have read about similar situations, more of then than not, the solved cases, when its GPU's fault they get blue screen or some sort of warning/message and not just straight up PC crash/shutdown
  14. Hi, I have had this PC for more than 2 years now, and had no issues until a week or two ago. i5-4460 - CPU MSI - H97M-E35 - MOTHERBOARD Kingston HyperX Fury 1x8GB DDR3-1866 - RAM Samsung EVO SSD 120GB - STORAGE (Windows) Samsung EVO SSD 240GB - STORAGE (Games) Western Digital 1TB HDD 7200RPM - STORAGE (video editing etc...) Sapphire Radeon r9 290 4GB Tri-X - GPU Fractal Design Define S (no window) - CASE XFX - TS 650W 80+ Gold - POWER SUPPLY Recently, while playing CSGO, once or twice my PC shutdown without any warning, no bluescreen, nothing. Only to start back up in a second on its own (this is normal as this happened months ago when we had electricity shortage couple of times) I've since downloaded Fortnite and unless I set the settings to the lowest settings, the PC will shutdown before I even enter the game. I have played a few games on low settings without shutting down. I have tried GPU stress test (FurMark) which crashes a couple of times just as I started the stress test and it went to full screen. I followed this by checking various forums, which had no clear answer what is at fault. I proceeded with uninstalling and installing GPU drivers, installing malwarebytes, WhoCrashed and then closed all the programs that were currently running (after PC restart) The FurMark got to 95-100% done and the PC shutdown (I tried this the last 2 times). In total using FurMark 3 times. I have no way of trying another GPU or PSU. WhoCrashed says No valid crash dumps have been found on your computer Is there a way to tell which is the culprint? Thank you, and sorry for the wall of text, wanted to give as much information as I had. EDIT: forgot to add, temperatures were looking all fine and normal. although I am not sure how to see PSU temperatures.