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    South Whitley, Indiana


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    Laptop: Intel Core m3-7Y30
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    Laptop: Surface Laptop
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    Laptop: 4 GB
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    Laptop: Intel HD Graphics 615 (Integrated)
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    Laptop: THNS0128GTYA Toshiba
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    Logitech M185
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. dylanthompson2

    Windows Update

  2. dylanthompson2

    Windows Update

    This is all the info I have
  3. dylanthompson2

    Windows Update

    I don't know how to do that
  4. dylanthompson2

    Windows Update

    Windows Update has been telling me I have an update I have done it and a few minutes after it reboots it says it has another update. And every time the update had the same name. I have done it at least 3 times. I am in the Windows Insider Program.
  5. dylanthompson2

    how fast can you type?

    Mine is 38 WPM
  6. dylanthompson2

    What are your thoughts about the dieselgate?

  7. dylanthompson2

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    I do agree with that
  8. dylanthompson2

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    Spotify is going to start banning ad blockers on march 1st in their new terms of service. I think that is a big deal because there are 170 million spotify users. In March of 2018 2 million spotify users use ad blockers that's 2% of their users. Spotify started disabling those accounts. I also use Spotify and an ad blocker on my PC. I don't agree with the new terms of service for that reason. https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/7/18215845/spotify-ad-blockers-terms-of-service Original article from The Verge Also how many people think this is fair.
  9. dylanthompson2

    Cold Weather = Slow Internet?

    I have DSL
  10. dylanthompson2

    Cold Weather = Slow Internet?

    I have DSL
  11. dylanthompson2

    Cold Weather = Slow Internet?

    The highest ive ever had is 16 down 1 up
  12. dylanthompson2

    Cold Weather = Slow Internet?

    I've noticed that my internet has been really slow today could cold weather be causing it? By the way the temperature is in Fahrenheit.
  13. Just had to play a game using QWSD instead of WASD for some reason

  14. dylanthompson2

    LMG Website Glitch/Typo

    I've noticed it on Google Chrome with Dennis and Pelle.
  15. dylanthompson2

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Customization, bigger app selection, wider range of phones. And a headphone jack.