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  1. From what K said, its in a way that they dont see my messages but I see the messages that they send. I got told that im in the group list.
  2. Ok so I theres 2 group chats One is for work related stuff (4 people, not including myself), lets call this one Group A One is with friends (2 people, not including myself), lets call this one Group B The people on Group B are also in Group A. One of the members in Group B was forced to block me due to relationships, lets call them K. The other member in Group B is using a iPhone (one of the X models) One of the members in Group A is using a iPhone as well (one of the old models) I cant see none of the Groups, although when K talks in one of the groups, its also sent to me individually even though K deleted the number. Im using a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime with Android 6.0.1 The messaging app is the default Samsung messaging app. This is very important because I cant get any of the work related texts and I could get fired.
  3. I still need to figure out how to do the shell swap I could always swap the face plates but Im tired of red that glossy tbh
  4. Hey, I want to know how to replace the bottom lcd and the entire casing of a New 3ds XL (the new model, not a new normal 3ds xl). Heres a few pics of the new 3ds xl
  5. And I watched a video and it worked but it was the mini tower version but since the mini tower is smaller it means the full tower version also supports it right
  6. Found a better deal (optiplex 790 tower,8gb ram,i5,windows 10 pro 64 bit,500gb hardrive) only for 170 plus free shipping
  7. Im thinking of getting a optiplex 790 sff i5 8gb 128 ssd (I found a great deal on ebay).What power supply should I use if I get the 790 sff???
  8. Yeah but witch optiplex is the best for the money,what power supply is compatible and is a sound card necesarie???
  9. There a lot of options for a 300$ gaming pc and I want to know witch one is the best for the money.Like using old server parts,upgrading a old office or using new parts.So id like to know witch one is the best (and easiest to find compatible parts) for the money.