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  1. MarbleHornets

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    The hybrid variant sounds a lot more interesting, providing high torque right away then using gas to keep it going long distances, plus being able to charge the electric motor away from a plug. Plus Ford says with its electric power train, you'll be able to plug in power tools to be able to use as well. But I guess we'll have to wait a few years to see what actually becomes reality.
  2. MarbleHornets

    3rd Monitor Suddenly Not Detected

    I'll give that a try when I can. Thanks
  3. MarbleHornets

    3rd Monitor Suddenly Not Detected

    I did verify all the monitors do work connected to other devices on the same inputs, and I can try a system restore, was kindof hoping not to do so just so the next time it updates, it won't break again, but thanks.
  4. MarbleHornets

    3rd Monitor Suddenly Not Detected

    So I have been recently trying troubleshoot my sister's workstation to no avail. It's a laptop that is connected to two addition monitors that has been working fine for months, but when she updated it to the latest version of windows, suddenly one of the external monitors is no longer getting any signal. It turns on fine and is still detected in windows as a third monitor, but is greyed out and none of the display setting are able to be changed. If it's unplugged, it gets removed and plugging it back in brings it back, so it's not a ghost that's stuck on windows. Device manager also shows that everything is working properly I have tried: Updating all drivers for display Uninstalling drivers and fresh reinstall Using a different DVI cable that I know works Using a different display port that works Running windows troubleshooter Changing order in display settings Setting display options from single screen back to extended, in both display options and with laptop short cut (windows + p) So far nothing has changed and the monitor still gets no signal. Weirdly enough, when using Intel's display settings, the third monitor is not detected and it only shows the two working ones, even though the computer can see it and says everything is "working properly". Currently I am at work and unable to give any quick updates to this, but I'm more of looking into what I can try when I get home and will update as I progress with this.
  5. MarbleHornets

    Fastest XBOX Ever

    As cool as that would be, I doubt Microsoft will do that since more OG Xbox games are already backwards compatible on the Xbox One and most people would see throw that cash grab.
  6. MarbleHornets

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    True, it's not the "be all, end all" best carrier out there, but it has its use cases I think. Say if you don't use that much data already and want to cut back on your bill or even if your data rate changes from month to month and you really want to spend on what you use, and it could be a pretty good backup phone or even if you travel internation since it doesn't have a plan nor charges you more using it abroad in over 170 different countries, even if you're not on wifi. So by far there's no single solution (I've had Verizon for years and I don't see myself switching anytime soon), but I do think there's a rising market of competitors and it's always good to see what's out there.
  7. MarbleHornets

    I'm confused, LTT

    Can you only use a TV for gaming or does it have other applications? Pretty much the same thing applies here, everything has their use case.
  8. MarbleHornets

    Non Tech News - Forever Pizza

    Very true, although I bet it would look pretty good somewhere at LMG Headquaters *AHEM ahem* @allthelmgstaff
  9. MarbleHornets

    Non Tech News - Forever Pizza

    You know, that's a very good question. But you can't question art man, art finds a way *Hipster level 100%*
  10. MarbleHornets

    Non Tech News - Forever Pizza

    Now I know that most of the news is placed in tech news, but sometimes news just has to be shared with the rest of the world. I honestly don't know what to say about this except that I'm strangely hungry now, but my duties have been done here and do what you will with this new found information. https://www.cnet.com/news/pizza-slices-encased-in-resin-are-for-looking-not-eating/ https://geekologie.com/2018/11/forever-pizza-pieces-of-real-pizza-encas.php
  11. MarbleHornets

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    I mean that's pretty on par with other plans with set data (eg Verizon is 2GB for 30$ and $10 per gig after) and their plan doesn't charge you a full gig if you don't use it, as in if you use 0.5GB you get charged $5 and so on. Yet again, everyone seems to have different prices depending on their region, plan type, promotions, etc, but it's not that terrible of an option to keep in mind, but everyone's mileage will vary.
  12. If you have google maps installed (even if you don't use it), check out "Your Timeline". By downloading google maps you allow them to track you anytime, and they do. They show you exactly where you've been via transportation and the exact route you took (though sometimes it can be a bit glitchy), funny part is they can even tell if you're driving a car or on a motorcycle by their unknown algorithm (its so far been accurate every time I've been on mine). Welcome to world of trading convince for privacy.
  13. MarbleHornets

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    Thanks for the idea, done and done.
  14. MarbleHornets

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    Ultimately the point seems to be privacy against T-Mobile or Sprint when you have to use data, and according to google "none of your information is tied to you or your phone number", but take that as you will from the company who you'll ultimately routing all of your data through.
  15. MarbleHornets

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    I mean it's $10 a gig up to $60, and from there you stopped getting charged so for $80 unlimited data isn't that bad compared to a lot of other companies, especially given the fact your video resolution isn't capped, even if you go abover the $60 threshold and, plus the whole point of it is that you pay for as much as you use, and since the whole idea of it a cellular network based off of internet, a service most people have and even most people who have data plans still try to use, its not an impossible issue. I mean I've gone months not using data since I was primarily at home or work or somewhere I could use wifi at, yet I was still charged my full price for my phone bill compared to only $20 I could've been charged from Google Fi. I'm not saying this program is for everyone, or even the best one out there, but its not the worst either and could be a good alternative for others.