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  • Birthday May 20

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    U S A
  • Interests
    building computers and collecting old hardware
  • Occupation
    I.T. admin in a local school


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    asus crosshair extreme
  • RAM
    32 gig trident z rgb
  • GPU
    2x 1080 ti strix
  • Case
    fractal design r5
  • Storage
    1 tb nvme samsung
  • PSU
    corsair 800 watt
  • Cooling
    custom loop
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    death adder elite
  • Sound
    soundblaster x
  • Operating System
    windows 10
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  1. depends on if you need the cash anywhere else.
  2. wow thanks man! oh and the aim of the program is to shutdown the computer if awnsered incorrectly oh and i was just using random variables cause it was so short and i had like 30 minutes and the wizard was eating up a lot of that.
  3. s340 is a amazing case go with that one i have it and can swear by the superior nzxt build quality and looks.
  4. my apologies for my cancerous friends here. welcome to the forum
  5. i dont have any mod suggestions but props for playing one of my old favorites.
  6. hi there i came up with this cool little program i made a little while back.you can use it if you want it's pretty cool and i was looking for some input or advice or cool little things to add. (don't go crazy i'm just starting out.) Thanks! notes: only windows 10 python 3.7 made in idle you can remove the shutdown prompt and it'll work on any other OS with python 3.7 i think main.py
  7. i would go with regular because i have a few on my rad and they run extremely quiet and cold for all of your needs and if noise is a big issue this is a perfect choice
  8. i wonder if evga is going to do a 2080 ti kingpin.
  9. not necessarily just load up a benchmark and look at usage and if one is maxed out and another is hovering at like 50% the 100% one is your bottleneck is what they are trying to say i belive