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  1. I did a return to default in bios settings and everything went fine, my ram is back at 2666Mhz and its base voltage. My cpu voltage was at the same so maybe it was the ram acting up? Is it worth to keep trying to get 3600 or is it fine with 2666?
  2. I just installed my new rtx 2080S and two 8GB corsair vengeance 3600Mhz sticks. I went into the bios and changed the ram speed to 3600Mhz and the dram voltage to 1.35V. In the process I tried to change the cpu core voltage, it was at something like 1.4V or something (I have an 9900k) but when I tried to change it it went to 0.915V and even if I change it back to auto it still stays at that voltage. When I boot the system normally now it recognizes the 2080S but then it just turns off. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the help it's been a long time since I've gotten a new case so I didn't remember
  4. Hey i just bought a new be quiet! Dark base pro 900 rev 2. After finishing installing everything I boot it up and find out that everything but the fans (except cpu fans) and RGB strips work. After some googling I find out that I need to connect an S-ata cable but my Asus rog strix Z390-F does not have one, I've looked and looked but couldn't find one in the manual or on the asus page. What can I do? Is the simplest just to get an adapter or what should I do?
  5. Got it to work now, thanks for all the help
  6. I've done that now, is there anything else? It still isn't detected in file manager and according to disk manager its unallocated
  7. It asks if i want it as a MBR (Master Boot Drive) or GPT (GUID Partition Drive)? I'm not going to use it as a boot drive since my old 840 Sata drive is still fast enough for me in boot so do i just select GUID?
  8. I tried to do that but i just get this after it half way through updating
  9. I just bought a new Samsung 970 evo plus 1TB, so i installed it in my pc. Everything went fine, bios detected it no problem and i found it in the device manager but I'm not allowed to write to the drive. I haven't installed new storage in my pc for 4 years so i have forgotten if there are some special thing you need to do to be able to write to it. In the screen shot you can see that its detected by both device manager and Samsung magic but not my file explorer. Any tips?
  10. A few days ago i noticed that some programs were behaving weird, but now its crazy. I'm trying to study for exams but its kinda hard when my programs are doing this. I've tried re-starting and updating my graphics drivers. My virus software tells me nothing is up and ccleaner has all errors fixed. Has any of you experienced anything like this?
  11. Managed to fix it and it boots into windows thanks for the help anyways! Need to remember that googelig your questions before asking other people is a good option
  12. I got it to post now but it won't boot up properly, it says there is an fan error. It's weird since all of the fans are spinning but maybe it's trying to monitor some of them that can't be monitored .-.
  13. I just got my asus z390-f board with an 9900k and I've installed everything but when I go to turn it on it won't boot. The light for VGA and Boot light won't turn off which according to the motherboard is the issue. I have tried both display port and hdmi in both the CPU and motherboard but no post
  14. No matter what specs the Zen 2 has I won't change anything, I don't have any trust in amd. When used to have amd GPUs my system used to break every 6-7 months, but after I switched to Nvidia I haven't had a breakdown in one and a half year since I got it. So I won't get and amd cpu