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  1. GamingKevin

    First PC build (Gaming)

    Just picked this off the build guide as a base because I'm new to this and have ZERO clue to what's good or not. I'm open to improvements if needed! My Budget is 1200 USD$ https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZHy68Y Edit 1: Sorry for not being very specific. I would like it for gaming and every day use. Budget is only for the builds and I will take care of peripherals on the side!
  2. GamingKevin

    First PC build (Gaming)

    I'd like for gaming and everyday use.. Been doing FPS all my life with the occasional Single player games like Uncharted series and Fallout! I will handle the peripherals on the side. Edit: Uncharted is Playstation exclusive my bad lol
  3. GamingKevin

    First PC build (Gaming)

    Gaming and everyday use. Just the build as I will do peripherals on the side.
  4. GamingKevin

    First PC build (Gaming)

    Been gaming on console for as long as I can remember, and I'm finally ready to make the switch to PC! As the title suggest I'm looking to build a Gaming PC! I'm a complete noob and would greatly appreciate the help. Budget: $800-$1200 USD Budget only includes the PC as I will pick my own peripherals.