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  1. I will try killings tasks next time it happens. No keyboard registers "F", I've tried external, wireless and virtual keyboards. "F" works for other applications as a action but I can't type letter F anywhere in the windows.
  2. I'm having this issue of my "F" not working. It started happening two days ago. I was typing in Microsoft word and suddenly my "F" was not registering. I pulled my F key from keyboard and gave it a clean up, I thought it was dust. It still didn't work. I restarted my laptop and F was working fine now, I thought it was a bug. Now again, I was surfing the web that suddenly F key stopped working again. I noticed it was working in my media player as a action but was not typing in any application or browser. I launched On-Screen keyboard, to my conscious, Windows was not registering F key, Though the physical aspect of fault is dismissed. Then I noticed that I have recently updated my windows and it started happening right after that. I defaulted my keyboard settings. Updated my drivers but windows is still refusing to register "F" key until and unless I restarted my laptop. I don't turn off my laptop every time I close it, so it is very annoying for me to save all my work, restart my laptop and do the work again. I have tried every troubleshoot, but restarting is the only option. If anyone else is having the same problem and have a solution for it, I will appreciate it. I'm afraid in future if another key locks out that includes my password, I will be locked out from my system or restarting wont fix the issue one day. I have tried, Virtual keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, external wired keyboard, laptop keyboard replacement, refreshing my windows, defaulting my settings, nothing works so far.
  3. does wix and square support application development?
  4. That's what I came here for, anyone with prior experience with the services like wix that could help me. The best player in the market etc
  5. Get 1080p 144hz if you've gtx 1070 or above. Gtx 1080ti or above, get 1440p. Rtx 2070 or above, 1440p-4k Gtx 1060 or low, stick with the 1080p 75hz
  6. Pro tip: Buy a relatively old server and throw whatever you want in it, if you don't care about looks.
  7. Try changing the cable. GL702 has mini display and hdmi, see if it glitches in that, try using that ports and see if it glitches.
  8. I've a very basic knowledge about how websites are built and applications are developed. I want to create my own websites and applications. I've a quite few ideas laying around but where I live, dudes ask about as much as $3,000 for a basic website/app, plus the risk of idea getting sold out. A quick google search quickly bombarded me with wix for website and buildfire for apps on both platforms without coding and stuff. Since I'm completely getting mixed information whenever I try to search more about it. Like I want to do stuff myself, I can put a learning curve into it if I've to. I want to know any youtube video, any tutorials, blogs, forums, that could give me a complete idea for which service to choose for my website and app building. What is the process of publishing your app, basic stuff how you connect it with your site. I sound like a noob, because I'm one. I want to take the without code route for now, any help would be greatly admired.
  9. Update: Tried airdroid, latency wasn't the issue, used cable. The screen went blank when the game is joined, a bug maybe. No idea if it's playable.
  10. It's just released prior today, its beta. No support for controllers right now but they replied to a guy in the comment section on the play store that it will support in future.
  11. Attaching keyboard, mouse and casting is one option. I'm guessing portability. Throw in your phone with laptop, start gaming. Never been good with controllers. (would be a great solution)
  12. Tried on Blustacks, takes forever to load, if does, crashes after few minutes. Runs on my phone flawlessly, so wanted to use phone hardware.
  13. Tenecent games, made PUBG live for Android and iOS. (Android and pc cross play supported) Like project Linda, I want to connect my android phone with my laptop and be able to control and view the phone. Plus, yeah able to play mobile version of PUBG on a laptop via my phone hardware. Like the smartphone hardware is used for running the mobiile version of PUBG but I'm able to view and control(play) via laptop's, screen, keyboard and mouse. No, I don't have modern hardware to run original pc game. No, Tried virtual machine, crashes every time. Any apps/software to support that ? Maybe budget gaming future, who knows. LTT's budget project Binda.