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  1. thomasbaerten

    Which HP workstation?

    I asked to go over budget, but I don't think I can go THAT much over budget :-)
  2. thomasbaerten

    Which HP workstation?

    I will check that out!
  3. thomasbaerten

    Which HP workstation?

    Believe me, I asked if I could build one myself. But the company is contracted to HP. I asked if I could go over budget since HP is so over-pricey. I think i'm going for this one: http://www8.hp.com/be/nl/products/workstations/product-detail.html?oid=20353295#!tab=specs Hard drive will be a 1TB SSD GPU: AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 8-GB RAM: 32GB Other suggestions?
  4. thomasbaerten

    Which HP workstation?

    Hey guys, I need a new workstation at work and we are contracted to HP. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the workstation Xeons en graphic cards. At home I have a Ryzen 1700x, SSD drive and GTX 1070. This has enough power for what I need at work, but I’m having trouble picking out a system from HP that has an equivalent amount of power. (Geekbech score about 20 000 - 22 000) I do mostly 4K video editing (GH5 footage) and after effects (not super complex). About 2-3 hours per day. What do you recommend in the HP line-up? Budget around 2000-2500 dollars. Thanks in advance!