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  1. As for data analysis, that's exactly the reason why I downloaded it. Wanted to play with reasonably large dataset for visualisations portfolio.
  2. xlsx file is harmless as far as I know. I couldn't include at macros in it or something As for size, it includes 2318 processor models, so it's quite reasonable. Initial set of xml files downloaded from intel weight 54 MB. Trust me, I am totally not a virus!
  3. Hello everybody! For my own purposes I downloaded whole Intel Ark database of CPUs. It includes all specifications published on ark.intel.com web-site. I believe it might be useful for PC enthusiasts, so decided to share it. Data is as published by Intel on 19 March 2018. Data is slightly cleaned up for your convenience. Feel free to share it with others. Hope you'll find it useful. Processors Summary for Publication.xlsx