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  1. Quadriplegic

    5700xt reference or 5700 pulse

    Neither: https://www.austin.net.au/msi-radeon-rx-5700-xt-evoke-oc-8gb-graphics-card.html
  2. People usually feel regret about purchases they don't need (or bad purchases in general). If phone does what you need and you still feel regret about buying it, you didn't need it in the first place.
  3. Quadriplegic

    King of 1080p gaming

    The list is private, can't see what rig you have
  4. Quadriplegic

    can i use GeForce GT 710 with ryzen 3600 ?

    Because 3600 does not have integrated graphics. If that is the cheapest option he has, why not?
  5. Quadriplegic

    What is this Worth?

    Sounds about fair. You can list it at bit higher price, like $450 and just let people haggle it down.
  6. Some AIB models will go on sale next week, expect more models to be released by the end of the month
  7. I'd disagree. Keep in mind that in usual bottleneck scenarios, going with higher end graphics card would not yield any performance gain. Which isn't the case, due to 2080 Ti giving better performance even with 3600. So I'd say it is not hardware related bottleneck. Keep in mind that these results are average FPS, which can be greatly affected by frame times and usually depend on CPU just as much, if not more than GPU. Both 3900x and 9900k have better 1% lows, therefore better average FPS. Also, this: Are you saying 3600 bottlenecks RX 580 too?
  8. Quadriplegic

    New Build

    Would it work? Yes. Should you build it? No.
  9. Mmmmmmmmm.... I'd wait for AIB cards. You would still have to make or buy a DIY cooler for reference 5700 XT and we know that AIB cards will start at the same price.
  10. Quadriplegic

    Be quiet straight power 10 500w, how many 8 pins?

    https://www.bequiet.com/en/powersupply/927 Go to Technical data, there will be section called "Infographics". There are 2 pictures, a graph of noise at load and another picture with cables layout
  11. Quadriplegic

    NEW PSU Tier List

    I believe those are not bad units, but they do lack OTP, which makes it a pass in my books
  12. Quadriplegic

    Be quiet straight power 10 500w, how many 8 pins?

    I guess you didn't look hard enough :V It does have 2x 6+2 PCIe connectors
  13. Quadriplegic

    Does Asus ROG strix 5700 xt even make sense?

    Well, Strix cards have always been overpriced. It's pretty much a product for Shitsus fanboys, as you can get Powercolor or Sapphire cards for same/lower price.
  14. Quadriplegic

    Motherboard Tier List (X570 update)

    Taking a page straight out of Asus' marketing department.
  15. Quadriplegic

    Check my case airflow please

    Just use the provided 2 fans as exhaust. That case is meant to be used as negative pressure, adding more fans doesn't do much (tho you can replace the included fans with something better)
  16. Quadriplegic

    Power Supply Efficiency

    All right, troll topic is troll. /thread.
  17. Quadriplegic

    Potential power supply problem?

    1. Don't judge PSU by its wattage. 2. It is unlikely for PSU to not send enough power (which can be monitored with wall meter by the way). Stuttering noise could be the fan hitting something.
  18. Quadriplegic

    Power Supply Efficiency

    Yeah, the damage to PSU. They will just say it is a coincidence other parts failed.
  19. Quadriplegic

    Power Supply Efficiency

    It will catch fire/explode, killing other components of your computer.
  20. Quadriplegic

    5700xt custom cards

    Pulse looks bit ugly, especially on the backside. Vega 56 Pulse looked better Asus TUF looks little bit like Radeon VII, Dual looks like crap
  21. Quadriplegic

    Have I picked the right parts

    Crap PSU, pretty meh case
  22. Quadriplegic

    Power Supply Efficiency

    That's a pretty bad unit too. Why are you looking at cheap, high wattage units?
  23. Quadriplegic

    worth DIY repair $125 Titan X(Maxwell)?

    Which is a problem for 4k only, something both cards will struggle with either way. If you go to repair shop, price might double or triple. At that point, something like used 1080 or brand new RX 5700 are available
  24. Quadriplegic

    worth DIY repair $125 Titan X(Maxwell)?

    Maxwell? Nah. Someone already tried to repair it and failed. If nothing works, you won't be able to sell it for $300, 1070 is about as fast and can be had under $200.
  25. Quadriplegic

    How important is VRAM? 2060 V 1070ti V Vega 56 v 5700

    Which Vega is it? Blower style cards are fit for water cooling only, Gigabyte crapped the bed with their AIB card, Asus kind of screwed up too. MSI has blower only, so that eliminates them too. Going with bang for your buck, Vega 56 is the bebst deal. Going with pure performance, 5700 is thebest deal, but again, blower style card. Tho AIB models will come out in 2 weeks.