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Status Updates posted by Quadriplegic

  1. Was building a PC from spare parts so I could sell it.

    Finished managing the cables, turned it on... Smell of burning plastic and smoke 😮

    Turns out the fan controller of the case shorted somewhere.

  2. http://bit.ly/2Veaahe

    Isn't this like super good deal? $230 off 2950x + X399 Taichi

  3. It seems like we are getting Define S2 with glass front panel – HardwareUnboxed has recently released unboxing video, where they displayed (still boxed) Define S2 Vision. Picture on the box and the name are kind of suggesting more glass. I am bit puzzled about the top panel – it seems transparent, no mounting points are visible.. So how are we supposed to mount fans there? Surely FD couldn't have gone full banana and remove option to mount the fans at the top? Or maybe Vision stands for "no panels included"? 😬



  4. My Little Pony gets a megathread at the same time Linus publicly confessed about watching it? That can't be a coincidence #illuminati 


  5. ITX form factor sucks a sack of donkey balls, prove me wrong.

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    2. lewdicrous


      Every form factor has it's pros and cons with their own purposes. 

      It's okay to favor one over the other, but disregarding the ones you don't like as pointless and irrelevant isn't a reasonable thing to do, imo. 

    3. Quadriplegic


      But I am still yet to see a reasonable argument for ITX form factor.

    4. Windows7ge



      There are mATX cases that are just a bit bigger, but provide you with more slots for your drives, which I suppose is important?

      That's a pretty piss poor example of more slots for drives. The LIAN LI PC-Q26 was a Mini-ITX case that could hold 10 hard drives.



      But what if you need another 16GB 2 years later due to crappy Windows? You have to get rid of your existing 16GB kit and buy a new 32GB kit. If your motherboard had 4 slots, you could simly get another 16GB kit.

      If you look into the pro-sumer server market you could buy the ASRock Rack C2750D4I or it's little brother the 2550. They use a BGA Avoton 8 & 4 core CPU respectively and each come with 12 sata ports and 4 DIMM slots. It's a great little board for a OP NAS.


      There are also socketed Mini-ITX boards that support denser memory or even use SO-DIMM modules. If you have 16GB and need more but you occupied all your slots already then that's just poor planning on your part.

  6. OUCH, 8GB RX580 for $230 :o

    Prices are coming down fast

  7. Damn, that backplate on Nitro + Vega 56 :o

  8. Ah, Facebook marketplace, you glorious thing.

    Just saw someone selling this beast of a PC labeled as gaming PC:

  9. That moment when the only part of the build that decides to go bad is fan controller >:(

  10. Does anyone know any trust-worthy Cinebench 15 databases? Trying out my 1600x, would be nice to compare results