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  1. You might overlooked this. I have Internet access on my new build. Anyhow should I intend to flash the bios? I have 0 experience on that.
  2. Infinitum HG8245H Though ethernet worked fine before with my laptop and still works with the computer next to me...
  3. Hi folks. I am having some trouble with my new build. WiFi works good but for obvious reasons I would like the ethernet to work as well which it doesn't. If I deactivate and activate the adapter it takes like 30 seconds until the network stays either unidentified, properly identified or takes 30-60 seconds to identify the network correctly. Either way I don't get access to the Internet which is frustrating as hell. Specs : ISP router (Infinitum HG8245H) Win 10 Pro 64bit Asus Z370-E Things I tried: Connect the cable to another PC (Win 7) - Works Let Windows fetch the driver for the ethernet adapter again Ipconfig release / renew - Renew didn't want to work because the operation can't be performed "while the media is disconnected" I really hope to solve this problem with your help. Thanks in advance
  4. Of course you can insure it but they will still not pay if you do something shitty. Life insurance for example. If you kill yourself nobody will get anything. Also they will still just give you money and only the amount they really have to give you.
  5. My university had Haskell and Java as classes for Algorithms and Datastructures. Germany as well.
  6. I am planing a build like that as well. Would like to see an old case. It just has the special flair. I remember my cousin having a gaming rig with a clear side panel with like a "spiral" on it.
  7. Inferior to other languages anyways. It is just popular because it is popular at this moment and it gets taught in schools/ universities for that reason so unfortunately it is a doomed circle but maybe this can help and break it.
  8. Not sure if he edited his post 10 minutes ago but you can watch the video and the max temp is 70°C so it is not temperature.
  9. I guess all for one since he only has one CPU listed. Do you already have some waterblock for your Xps? I wonder why you want the special starwars edition if you are going to remove the shroud anyways... Also if you are spending that much you probably want a custom loop and not AIOs I think you are just joking since it is not your picture anyways
  10. Insurance doesn't cover everything and it very much depends on what insurance plan you have but still they won't cover 100% of damages that occur and will always try to get a way out of it to not pay you.
  11. If I would have the money right now that would be a definite buy. Gotta love the nipples. But I just spent a ton on a new rig.
  12. The 2012 Razer Mamba can do that and I am pretty sure the new model as well.
  13. Well don't assume so much. The exact same card that you listed goes for about 310 USD in Sweden. https://se.pcpartpicker.com/product/P8Crxr/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1060-3gb-3gb-mini-itx-oc-video-card-gv-n1060ixoc-3gd Thats just the card.