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  1. Would all this work?

    Thanks, I have changed it to the MSI board you recommended, doesn't seem to expensive either. Thanks for that, really making me question if I need to upgrade. I have looked at this and wondering if that is a good upgrade or not. Here is the new link
  2. Would all this work?

    Sorry just fixed that typo, I will look into a 650-750W power supply and the HDDs.
  3. Would all this work?

    Yeah I think I will probably put in an SSD, do you think it would be a better idea to get a bigger case or is this one fine?
  4. Hello! I am looking to build a new PC and need some help with picking correct parts, it will be used for a range of things including video editing and gaming (PUBG, Black Desert Online and etc.). I have already set in stone in my head that I want to have the i7-8700K and 32GB of ram, but from there I am not too sure. I would rather have a case with a panel to look through as well. I have already picked out all the parts that I need (i think), just really need that helping hand. Please tell me if there is anything you think I should change which would improve the performance/stability of the system. I won't be needing any peripherals and plan to use 1080p monitors, and in future possibly 4k once I have a new graphics card. Oh, and I will need to get windows 10 pro. Graphics card : Not needed, will be buying it at a later date and using my current GTX1060 6GB until then. Budget : Max £1100 - Around US$1500 Location : UK UK Part Picker:Updated Click me Thanks.