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  1. A normal HDD will be just as fast for gaming. No need in getting an SSHD.
  2. Pyramiden

    Mining case modification

    Wouldn't it be easier just select the 8 best ones and put those inside a normal ATX chassis? Like a BitFenix Shinobi, or something else with plenty of bays? In that case you can still power them using a relatively normal PSU, and you will only need one store controller.
  3. What about your harddrives? Do they still function? You are probably thinking the wrong way around. Trying to get a "kick-proof" pc case is going to be pretty hard, since PC's are usually not designed to resist getting kicked. Why don't you try to put your PC somewhere else, so you will not be able to kick it?
  4. Pyramiden

    Mining case modification

    Why do you need rackmount? Can't you get a normal ATX case? How many HDD's are you going to put in it?
  5. Just use 3.5mm to RCA. It should work fine.
  6. Pyramiden

    Ebay shopping delivery?

  7. Pyramiden

    Ebay shopping delivery?

    Right under: Delivery: Estimated between Fri. Mar. 8 and Tue. Mar. 12
  8. Pyramiden

    wireless USB drive?

    https://mattshub.com/2017/04/11/flashair-sd-card/ As this blog describes you could use a Toshiba FlashAir SD card and write data to it using your computer. You might need to use WiFi Direct for this. The blog says you could even map it as a network drive if you get a certain model. This will probably work with your plasma cutter if you get an SD to USB adapter, but it is always a risk that something is not compatible...
  9. What exactly are your needs in the first place?
  10. Do you have a multi-meter? It might be a good idea to check continuity on both buttons, to make sure that they are actually broken.
  11. Pyramiden

    3PIN RGB to 4PIN RGB Headers

  12. Pyramiden

    Sound Set Upgrade

    You could have a look at the SMSL AD18. It is a small desktop AMP-DAC combo that has speakers outputs on the rear and a headphone jack on the front. As for speakers I would take a look at the second hand market. Once yet get a desktop amplifier you get access to the HiFi speaker market in general, and you can get really awesome speakers at a much better price. Speakers rarely break anyway, so you have relatively few risk. Personally I run a Topping PA3 with an older Bose Acoustimass system, including the bassbox, and they sound pretty good for their size.
  13. Pyramiden

    3PIN RGB to 4PIN RGB Headers

    Usually 4 pin ARGB is 12v, and 3 pin DRGB is 5v. Therefore they shouldn't be compatible...
  14. Pyramiden

    Best LED Headlight conversion kit?

    Those look decent. With LED headlights there are a few things things to look into: 1. No Maglev fans or any other type of fan. They will get dirty and will jam, overheating your LED unit. 2. Look for a LED headlight which can turn inside it's socket. That way you can make slight adjustments if your lighting pattern is weird on unusual, which happens often with reflector type units. Like the following ones: 3. Get one with CSP chips. They are smaller than CREE and mimic the position of where the wire in the halogen bulb would be. 4. Consider modifying your headlight cover in such a way that the heatsink is inside the engine compartment, but make sure no dirt can get into the headlight. LED's can run fairly hot without cooling. 5. Look for the experience of other owners of your car model if you need specific adapters or resistors for your CANBUS system. Some cars will always give some error in the cluster if you equip them with LED's.
  15. Pyramiden

    SSD looseleaf style install

    Hahaha, the platters are in balance. No way that a spinning disc can move itself off a table. A washing machine could move itself when all the clothes are jammed to one side. Now try to run it empty and see if it will move. The HDD will never generate enough energy to overcome the resistance between the body of the HDD and the surface off the table. It will probably not even generate enough energy if you put it onto a flat layer of glass.