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  1. Please take our advice and don't be this stubborn regarding back-ups. Everyone agrees on this topic that back-ups are important. You almost make yourself sound like some kind of vaccination denialist. And about starting your own business, continuity is not a joke. It is important, and something you should secure for your business to keep being in business for an extended period of time.
  2. I don't need car insurance. I think I am a great driver, and the chances of me hitting someone and paying damages for the rest of both of our lives are so small. It is basically a waste of money.
  3. Are you sure? Usually the Bluetooth doesn't work without the USB cable. That is why there is a cable in the box, and there is an internal plug on the card. The Gigabyte GC-WB1733D-I is a better pick anyway.
  4. It is an allright effort... But what would you like to do with it? Is it a school project? Do you have to build it? It lacks any form of fan mounts, HDD mounts, PSU mounts, mounts for the graphics card etc...
  5. https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/dealing-with-customers/consumer-contracts-guarantees/consumer-guarantees/index_en.htm "EU law also stipulates that you must give the consumer a minimum 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) as a protection against faulty goods, or goods that don't look or work as advertised. In some countries national law may require you to provide longer guarantees."
  6. Are you sure about that? European consumer laws state that 2 years of warranty by the seller for a new electronics product is the minimum. I highly doubt the UK would be a negative exception to that.
  7. I got a Topping PA3 to power my Bose Acoustimass system. It is a nice little amp. How much watt per channel would you need?
  8. This is fake news. 3.5mm jacks are perfectly capable of outputting RCA video. However, the transmitting device would need to support the technology. For example, the Nokia N8, E7, N808 Pureview, and most other Symbian devices could output video using their 3.5mm jack using the Nokia CA-75U adapter. The technology became obslote because of the rise of (micro/mini-)HDMI and later wireless technology.
  9. Can't you just mount the GPU vertically so it will cover up this empty space?
  10. Does such a car have a 12 volts sigarette lighter? You could use an FM transmitter in combination with the original radio.
  11. Did they press the button of letting Windows scan the disk? The disk probably wasn't unmounted properly when you removed it from your PC. This is not a big deal. Sometimes a prompt comes up asking you to scan the device when you connect a unproperly unmounted USB device to another Windows PC. If you press scan, the PC will run Checkdisk (chkdsk) to attampt to "repair" the problem. Sometimes it fails and removes the data. If they would have pressed "don't scan" everything would have been fine, so technically they wiped the drive. So, what to do know? Firstly, don't touch the USB drive anymore. Don't connect it to PC's, don't format it, don't even look at it the wrong way You have to ask yourself the following question: How important is the data? If the data is extremely important, like 800$ important, then I would contact a local data recovery company. If the data is less important, you can attempt to rescue it by using data recovery software, by following a guide similar to this one: https://www.minitool.com/data-recovery/recover-data-after-chkdsk.html
  12. My hand is 21cm from my middle finger to my wrist, and I use an MX Master. It is rather large, so feels comfortable for me.
  13. Y tho? The only aspect of a car that matters to you is 0-150 mph? Do you drive over a dragstrip to work? I mean, if you would live in Germany a car that can get to a high top-speed would actually gain you something. Stating that it is "sluggish after 110" doesn't make any sense, except for being able to say at birthday parties that your car has "more better". And the whole "racing thing" goes again pretty quickly when you meet one of those "bendy boiis" in the road and any 90s Japanese sports car will overtake you.
  14. To get back on topic about the Tesla's: I think they are very important as a halo product. They are way too expensive for most families to purchase, however they do make electric cars more popular, and therefore more infrastructure is created to support electric cars. Here in The Netherlands most companies now have electric car chargers outside, and a lot of larger public parking lots have them as well. The FastNED system on the highways is also good if you need to drive further. This way Tesla paves the road so ordinary people kan buy a Nissan Leaf/Mitsubishi i-Miev/BMW i3/C-Max Energy/Golf GTE or any other electric car that is not as expensive.