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  • CPU
    I-7 4970k
  • Motherboard
    ROG Maximus VII Hero
  • RAM
    8 GB G.Skill Ram 2133
  • GPU
    780ti Asus DCUII
  • Case
    NZXT H440
  • Storage
    2 2TB Seagate HDD in Raid 1. 350GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD
  • PSU
    850W EVGA Super Nova

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  1. Probably gonna throw in a TB HDD. Forgot to mention that.
  2. I am building an $800 build for a friend and looking for thoughts. He will be gaming at 60 fps and does not need peripherals, monitors, or OS. Here is what I current have. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kDZWLJ Are there any cheaper MOBOs that would allow me to bump the GPU?
  3. That is the the Hero 8 (VIII), I am referring to the Hero 7 (VII). I got the x2 right out of the handbook. My current SSD is an 840 evo, would it be faster than that?
  4. I have the Maximus VII Hero motherboard and I want to get an M.2 SSD for it. The slot of the MOBO is for an NVMe with PCIe x2 support. Which one of these M.2 drives should I get? The MP300 is M.2 Sata so its not technically the correct connector but I have heard that these can work in M.2 NVMe slots before https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Storage/M-2-SSDs/Force-Series-MP300/p/CSSD-F480GBMP300 The MP500 is m.2 NVMe but it wants PCIe x4 which my computer can only support x2 https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Unformatted-M2SSDs-Capacity/force-series-mp500-config/p/CSSD-F480GBMP500 Which should I get assuming the product needs to be Corsair?
  5. I have been seeing this unknown file type called realdeal on some of my files. I know there is some bloat/malware called Real Deal that I had previous removed from my computer when I found it but all of these files seem like they actually belong. It seems like whenever I previously had the bloat/malware it changed a certain file type to be the name of realdeal. I have run many anti virus softwares on my computer include Anti-malware bytes and they all come up with there is no problem. I cannot find what the file extension is (.exe, .ppt, .doc) and when I go to folder settings and force it to always show the file extension, nothing pops up after the file name. If anyone has had this problem before or knows what these file types should be (by checking on your own computer if you have any of the games seen in the pictures) please let me know.
  6. Its a University, obviously 1080ti's will be more than enough but im not to familiar with the mid range products. The budget is not set, we are just looking for which is the best, most effective price/performance
  7. My school is looking to build computers for our esports team and we want to build the best price to performance pc that can run Overwatch at 144hz at high. Just worry about the PC components, no peripherals or anything like that.
  8. I know for DDR3, 16GB didnt do much for gaming. Is that different with DDR4?
  9. That is missing some of the things I specified were needed......
  10. So here is what I have so far. She doesnt do any video editing and just a gamer more than anything else. What she needs: CPU MOBO RAM SSD HDD GPU Case PSU Network Card Monitor Headset Keyboard Here is the current build for her https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7cRq2R
  11. THIS IS A HUGE SPOILER FOR EPISODE 4 AND 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop now if you dont what to know what happens but this glitch is actually super substantial involving characters that should be dead.
  12. Im getting "failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied"
  13. The folder is called Anti-Malware and TAKEOWN D:\ Anti-Malware isnt working
  14. It is not under "Uninstall or Change a program"