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  1. Just get a 240mm AIO or 280mm AIO depends on your case though. That is plenty enough if you are on a budget then a 120mm aio would still be fine.
  2. I don't understand why this is turning into a mechanical keyboard thread. I don't want loud, tall keys. Selling my k95 and probably will try to sell the k550 if its worth selling once I find a nice laptop style keyboard with short keys and quality input. Think I am going to try the deathstalker k95 red, k550 brown.
  3. Also I use the same computer for work and gaming and mechanical to me is tiresome to use for typing and programming all day.
  4. Can we not turn this into a mechanical vs chicklet keyboard debate. I have a mechanical and not really a fan so far, almost prefer the normal soft touch keyboards with the membrane.
  5. Looking for a keyboard that has a similar feel with chicklet style keys to a good laptop keyboard. Was looking at these Redragon K502 Cougar Vantar Razer Deathstalker Tesoro Gram Any recommendations?
  6. To me its like buying a car almost, why not buy used every time and get a better card unless you can afford a 2080 or 2080 ti
  7. I just can't think of another time when a graphics card maker did this. Maybe the closest thing was the 3dfx Banshee and Voodoo 2
  8. I'm sure they could make a card with Navi right now better than the 5700xt it only has 8 gigs of ram and a shitty cooler. Just upgrading those 2 things would probably put it close to on par with a 2080.
  9. Already explained that, why not just make a 5800xt that is a little better version of the 5700xt with a better cooler and yields with more ram if this is their new architecture.
  10. It is just very confusing to me how you can have competing architectures at the same time.
  11. Why are they keeping this card in production and not just making a 5800xt? Why not just put a better cooler on it, clock it a little higher than the 5700xt, pick some better yields with more processors and compute units and put 4gb or 8 more gb of ram on it and get rid of the Vega VII. I mean it will have been about 6 months, back in the day cycles were 6 months so I don't think vega 7 people could complain so much and it would be similar in performance and price still.