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  1. ToneStar

    Windows 10 has been installed on 800 million devices

    It was adopted fast because everyone wanted to get that POS windows 8 off their fucking computers.
  2. Doesn't seem like it will reach with the top or bottom. Probably need another AIO
  3. Having trouble figuring out where I can mount the AIO for this, right now I have a Corsair h100i V2 that I am trying to use but cant figure out a good spot to reach the GPU from. In the front I have a corsair 280mm aio for the CPU and I do not want to move it. It doesn't seem like it will be able to reach from the bottom or the top to the GPU. Was thinking maybe I need to downgrade to a 120mm aio and put it on the back exhaust to reach the GPU. Any suggestions for ideas for this?
  4. ToneStar

    1660ti vs 970

    Sell it on ebay for around $150 and get a 980ti or 1070 for around $200 or $250 - $320 for a 1070ti or 1080.
  5. ToneStar

    RTX 2060 vs GTX 1660Ti

    Get a used 1080 or 1070ti or Vega 56/64 instead you could get them for $300 or less and have the same performance or more. You can get used 1070s for around $200-230
  6. ToneStar

    Does newegg have any competition?

    Buydig and monoprice to varying degrees, ebay
  7. ToneStar

    I5 6600 bottleneck?

    If you run any resolution higher than 1080p I doubt it would be an issue. And below that the 2060 and CPU are going to be getting in the 100s of FPS most likely so doesn't matter.
  8. Kill any windows app services and other things that could be hogging resources. Overclock the GPU some as well, make sure no programs or anything are running in the background too. Turn off anti aliasing completely if you have that on then up the settings. Would probably be a better trade off.
  9. Mid range means middle of the pack to me. They are not middle of the pack anymore they are near the bottom, they used to be mid range 1 year ago.
  10. What is mid range? Is there even a mid range GPU anymore? I feel like the 580/590 is low end now think about it. Cards that are still produced today it is near the bottom. 2060, 2070, 2080, 2080 ti, titan, Vega VII are all faster. That is pretty far down the list. Not sure if Vega 64 and Vega 56 are still in production or not, Nvidia only has a couple of cards slower than it that are still in production.
  11. Probably around geforce 8000 series all the way back to TNT 1 was when we were getting 50 percent every year or so.
  12. I miss Matrox, Rendition, Power VR and 3dfx to keep things moving along. Hopefully intel can get into the game and be competitive, surprised Power VR has never came back. The era with the TNT 2 to Geforce 1 was insanely competitive, Matrox, ATI, 3dfx, Nvidia, Power VR, Rendition, S3 all had capable cards.
  13. Rebranding workstation card and it cost $700 and only took 4 years. Utterly insane, I remember the days when we got 50 percent performance increases every 6 months to a year for the same price.
  14. Guess that is even a better point why was the 200 series cards so good and all of their cards since then have barely been better.
  15. BTW I have a 1080 ti not a 390x. I did have a 270x a couple of years ago though, good card for its time.