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  1. Yo Whats Up

    Not sure how to connect my monitor with new gpu

    I just thought of something, what if I use both my vega 56 and gtx 1060 3gb at the same time (I still haven't sold it)? The latter has a dvi port and my 120hz TN monitor works perfectly with it, I can use it for esports games and general usage, and I'll use my 60hz ips monitor with the vega for when I'm playing AAA games, could that work? Two gpus each powering a different monitor at the same time?
  2. Yo Whats Up

    GTX Titan z SLI

    Lol bro linus ain't gonna see this post ever, he's too rich to be spending his time helping others in some forum ahahahaha
  3. Yo Whats Up

    Gaming Monitor

    A great monitor in your budget would be the Asus VG279Q Also, you bought such an expensive laptop just to sit home with a monitor connected to it? You could have gotten a nice pc instead... Unless you use your laptop to travel, but even then you can simply get a small case and carry the case and the monitor in a box with a handle, not much harder than carrying a laptop, plus you'll get jacked
  4. Yo Whats Up

    Choosing the right GPU

    https://www.ebay.de/itm/113701553214 Cards are barely used, have a 1 year warranty and a 1 month return policy, seller is very big and trustworthy, 52k rating, as you can see there's already 205 sold (there is actually more but the last listing ended and the store put another one) Use a third party courier company that will ship from germany to your country in Europe, I bought that card and the shipping was €2 from germany to me, the way it works is the ebay store seller ships to the postal address in germany that your courier has given you, then they ship from their address to an office in my country, they have a truck with a schedule once a week that travels from germany to my country for about a week, they charge about €1.50 per kg, so the courier charged me about €2.50 to ship from germany to my country (the ebay seller ships for free) cuz the package weighted ~1.55kg and then another €3 to ship from their central postal office in another town in my country to my address, to recap, the ebay seller ships to courier #1's address in germany, then that courier gets the package to my country with a truck with many other people's packages, then courier #2 who specializes in shipping in my country ships from courier #1's central office to my address in my town. Pretty simple and convenient, right?
  5. Yo Whats Up

    Unknown bottleneck

    I mean the game is not that old bro, it was released on 29th October 2013, and assassin's creed games are known to be unoptimized as fuck sooooooo Install latest drivers, get latest version of the game, make sure nothing else is using gpu, try to oc it, make sure it's not throttling, and that's that
  6. Yo Whats Up

    Whats your dream build?

    My dream build:
  7. Yo Whats Up

    Price-efficient 200-350 € monitor for gaming

    Check this out bestmonitorsbyncx.createaforum.com/general-discussion/ ------ it's pretty in-depth and the guy is very knowledgeable. I'm also in the same boat as you looking to buy a monitor and for 1080p 144hz it seems like there is only one IPS monitor, asus VG279Q, that is above my budget, good 1440p 144hz are also above my budget, there's some cheap ones like Samsung C27JG50 but (I actually asked the guy and he was kind enough to respond) he said it's not worth to buy a 1440p 144hz below 400 euro as that's when generally the good models start (as can be seen from the guides), and he said it's better to buy good 1080p 144hz monitor then bad 1440p 144hz monitor, for example in the particular example of that samsung he said that the contrast is only about 2500-3000:1 while the best 27" 1080p 144hz monitors can get 5000:1 contrast, plus the samsung monitor doesn't cover the whole rgb, as can be seen here https://3dnews.ru/974553/page-2.html#Результаты при стандартных настройках , it only covers around 94% of the sRGB which he said will result in worse colours compared to models such as the Aoc c27g1 which covers 99.8% of the sRGB http://playwares.com/dpreview/56955153 , he said that will make the colours look more lively and vibrant and everything. You can check the guides from the first link above for more info, there are more reviews there. But personally for me, since 1440p and IPS is already out of the question since they're out of my budget (I want 144 hz monitor, I won't satisfy with 75 hz one), it's only VA and TN remaining, and since VA are all curved which have blurrier text and are the slowest panel of all three (pixel response time, overshoot ghosting, input lag etc.) I think I'm gonna go with a TN monitor, and I may go for the cheapest 240hz TN monitor around here which is actually the only 240hz monitor that's in my budget, the Acer KG251QD. Now he said there's a reason cheap monitors are so cheap, and in his guides he says that "The color accuracy and contrast of the 240hz TN panels can vary significantly between the same monitors, and they are limited to 89-93% sRGB color space coverage which prevents them from being as accurate and vibrant as the best 144hz TN panels." and also "144-240hz TN panels tend to suffer from pixel inversion artifacts which are shimmering mesh patterns which appears during motion on certain colors" But despite all of this, I still play multiplayer games that require fast reactions so while the difference between TN and IPS might not be that big in terms of those stuff above (you can see more detailed info in his guides), VA is undoubtedly the worst of all three. It's like imagine Ra, Obelisk and Slifer, so you know how Ra sits above Obelisk and Slifer in the pyramid? Well, same with TN and IPS monitor but upside-down, and VA sitting 3 levels below, at least according to what I read from the guide. Plus, there's the issue with the blurrier text too, and when I have to take into account 240hz vs 144hz, it really isn't that hard. The image quality might be worse but I think I'll manage. Plus it seems as if only the 27 inch monitors can get above 3000:1 contrast to reach 5000:1 contrast, and I definitely don't want a 27 inch 1080p monitor so that's out of the question too, so really the only advantage will be the lack of sRGB coverage but I think the pros outweigh the cons. You should really read everything there, it's full of information, and most models which are missing from there are missing with a good reason. For your budget, you can afford the Asus VG279Q which is undoubtedly the best 1080p 144hz monitor, and also better than any cheap 1440p 144hz monitors as was already said. Also idk why LTT decides to make my font small when I paste an image
  8. Yo Whats Up

    Not sure how to connect my monitor with new gpu

    Man these cables are so expensive... And none of them sold in my country, tho that's not a surprise... Well guess I'm selling this monitor, and the other one as well cuz the only reason I had it was to use it as a speaker and to compare the colors cuz it's IPS and the other one is TN so there's some difference, but now that I need a new monitor, I'm just gonna sell both and upgrade to a better one. Idk how people use more than 1 monitor actively, like it's so inconvenient, you have to rotate your head left or right (or up?) to look at the other monitor and that head rotation totally breaks it... It's like playing video games without a chair, you have to stay upright... doable but not convenient... You'd rather sit, just like I'd rather have a bigger curved monitor with more screen space than looking at 2 monitors, which is also why my other monitor just sat there mostly unused, I very rarely looked into it, but since I don't have speakers thought I might as well just keep it cuz why the hassle of having to research what speakers I need to buy... And it was doing a decent job, the quality wasn't as good as my headphones but when I'm listening to it from across the house like when I go to toilet it's alright
  9. Yo Whats Up

    Not sure how to connect my monitor with new gpu

    I checked that out, very informative guide! Now, how do I know what cable is active and what is passive? I gotta buy a cable from my country, else there's long shipping, import charges etc. And every cable sold here has vague descriptions that don't really say much... I managed to find a few that say "dual-link", but they don't mention whether they're active or passive, is there a way to tell?
  10. Yo Whats Up

    Not sure how to connect my monitor with new gpu

    No that's the thing, when I use my hdmi cable with my acer h236hl, it works great, but not with the asus monitor... Do you think this will work? Cuz in "Input select" it says DVI, HDMI and YPbPr?
  11. So, today I got my new vega 56 card. My primary monitor is Asus VG236HE, 1080p 120hz 3D TN, up until now I've always used the cable that came with it, a DVI cable that says "DUAL LINK" on it. However, I just noticed that unlike my last gpu, this card does not have a DVI hole in it... There's 2 HDMI ports and 2 Display ports, and I've never used the latter in my life so obviously I don't have such a cable... I have a VGA cable but there isn't a VGA hole either... So I tried using the HDMI cable that I use with my secondary monitor, but with my asus monitor it only works at 60hz, there's no 120hz option in the menu of the monitor, not only that but there's little tiny flickering dots everywhere and the color quality is absolutely horrible, everything looks washed and I'm not sure why this is happening with the HDMI cable, idk if the issue is from the cable cuz my secondary monitor Acer H236HL, 1080p 60hz IPS, works perfectly with it, and also the asus monitor worked perfectly with the DVI cable before I switched gpus and found myself without a place to plug the dvi cable into... So I'm not sure what to do, is the issue something with amd? Cuz I've never used amd before, I downloaded their auto detect thingy and it installed the radeon adrenaline software, my other monitor works fine, but this monitor doesn't... My HDMI cable works fine with my other monitor, maybe this monitor doesn't like HDMI cable? Or maybe the issue is with the monitor and amd? Cuz with my nvidia card it was all working fine... I have a VGA, a DVI and an HDMI cable with me, 2 of those have no place to plug them into the gpu, and HDMI doesn't work apparently... And now I'm left with a black monitor and a half-working monitor... And this monitor only has an HDMI and a DVI port... And 3 holes that say "Y", "Pb" and "Pr", they're green blue and red. What should I do?
  12. Yo Whats Up

    What should I upgraded

    For gaming? SLI sucks, sell both and buy rtx 2080 / ti
  13. Yo Whats Up

    Keep PSU outside or inside case?

    Lol I didn't even notice the fan is facing the floor I flipped it and it turns out it's not even running, I'm using eco mode which apparently stops the fan when it's not needed or something like that. When I turned eco mode off, it started spinning and damn is it noisy!!! I'm gonna keep it with eco on, interestingly enough, I've been using it for like a month and I've never once had the fun turn on, I know this cuz it's very noisy, there's no way I don't hear something like this, unless I was gaming (with my earbuds on) But anyway, it's now flipped so if the fan wants to run in eco mode, it's free to do so without being blocked by the floor Thanks for pointing that out! Also, my case has those 4 tiny circle-like things on the corners that keep it afloat, 2 of them are broken but I've manually put them there, nothing quite annoys me more than accidentally pushing the case and it falling flat on one side and having to manually put the 2 things back on their positions in the corners again... I told u, I won it in an auction for 84 pounds, or equivalent to 97 euro in today's currency exchange rates. I was gonna buy corsair cx450w cuz it's cheap and apparently does the job, and it costs about half the price of what I bought the evga g2 1000w for, but the evga g2 1000w costs a lot more brand new so I was lured by how cheap it was, but that's not my main excuse, my main one is that in the old tier list of psus which I used at the time of buying it the evga g2 was in tier 1, which was the highest tier, so I thought "I'm gonna have the best psu possible, there's no better psu as this is tier 1 and tier 1 is the highest tier, it can't get better than this, and also super cheap? Later cx450!" And now that tier list 3.0 was released and it crushed all my hopes and dreams with the evga g2 not being the highest possible tier, but oh well... And yes I know there are some differences between different psus in the same tier but overall if they're in the same tier that means they're similar enough in how good they are so this didn't matter much to me (that there might a better psu in the same tier, which was obvious cuz the evga g2 is gold and there's even platinum and titanium ratings which are made only for the most expensive of psus) On the bright side, I won't have to upgrade my psu in the next year or two And there's 10 years warranty, obviously less remaining now, by evga, and evga is known for their customer support, so this one was a pretty safe buy as far as ebay buys go... Seriously, I've gotten so many SUPER cheap stuff from ebay at 40-50% the price of brand new that work PERFECTLY, what is there to complain? For example I got a cheap acer vg236he 3d 120hz 1080p tn monitor, for just 80 euro! Seller said it's 4 years old and has no issues, and he is right! Ebay is the gold mine for pc components, if you know when and what to look for. Anyway that's why I bought the evga g2 1000w... Now, about a new case, idk, it will cost money... Is it required? Like, you say I need a new case, you say it twice, so you put extra importance of saying that I need a new case, but you don't say why? I mean obviously this case is smaller than I'd want, but it's not that cheap either, so a better case would likely be rather expensive? Cases might actually be the safest component to buy used, it's just a bunch of metal, it can't suddenly stop working, right? Unless the metal decides to explode somehow... Also about the fans, yeah you're right, they should not be obstructing the airflow, but honestly idk how to make them not do that... And the cables aren't helping either... They're everywhere... If I do manage to put my psu in the case, it'll be all cables in there... Also I like ur new pic
  14. So, I recently won an evga g2 1000w psu from an ebay auction, got it for very cheap and it works great, I'm very happy from it, I didn't buy it cuz I needed one, just cuz it was so cheap, I could have gotten away with something cheaper for sure, but anyway, it doesn't fit into my case, at least not without removing my bottom fan, and even then I'm not sure if the motherboard will survive, cuz the psu is just so wide... So I kept it outside of the case, a bonus being that my cooler no longer fights with the side panel for territory, idk how it affects temperatures but I've removed my 120mm back fan that was previously outside of the case taped with duct tape , normally it's supposed to be inside the case, but since the lucifer k2 cooler is so big there isn't any space for it, I removed the fan cuz now that my side panel is open, I read that the air flow or something like that is weakened, like a straw with a hole on it, so I decided to remove to fan, and now it's really quiet, when not gaming I set my 2 120mm fans, one at the bottom and one at the front, to spin at around 360 rpm and 430 rpm, even tho they're the same fans, for some reason on 40% in speedfan, they both spin at those different speeds, at 35% or below they stop spinning, 0 rpm, maybe I shouldn't have bought 24v fans... The cpu fan spins at 650 rpm when at 0% in speedfan, which is the lowest it can get, apparently. My gpu fans lowest speed is 27%, it spins at 860 rpm. And generally whenever I'm doing something that would require the fans to go faster, I'm using my earbuds which make anything completely unhearable. My 2 case and cpu fans are set manually, but since nothing heats up my cpu when not gaming enough to have to increase the speed of the cpu fan, I just leave it like that, only increase the speed of those 3 fans when I'm gaming. The gpu fan is controlled automatically, but it's pretty lenient at the lower temperatures in terms of fan curve, don't want to hear the sound of the fans at 35c, right? Anyway back to the case, is it better for me to leave it like it is currently, psu outside, open side panel, a front and a bottom fan, or should I remove the bottom fan and try to somehow smash the psu with all the cables into the case, and no longer have a bottom fan and I'll be left only with my front and cpu fans, but I'll be able to close the side panel, even tho it will be slightly bent cuz of the pressure from the cpu cooler, but still fully closed, as in no air gaps or anything, just like normal? Also there's no way I'm going to put that back fan ever again, it was the main source of the noise cuz it was outside the case, and there's no space for it inside, now that I've gotten used to the quietness, I'm not going back... But also if I close the side panel, it's going to get even quieter, so that's another bonus, what do you guys think? Oh yeah and here are pics so you can see what's going on - https://imgur.com/a/1GatwLr
  15. Yo Whats Up

    GPU upgrade

    I think 6+2 means it can serve either as a 6 pin or an 8 pin connector, you should post in the psu forum for recommendation of psu according to your budget