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  1. I was able to reproduce this problem - I think it may be a bios bug - did you ever get it resolved?
  2. Apparently, it's a real challenge for X server to correctly manage and assign different drivers to different cards. The reason I want to do this, is I have integrated intel graphics that I want to run a small display on, and NVIDIA 980 TI for running more GPU intensive apps on, and occasionally GPU passthrough for QEMU/KVM. I'm really bummed that this isn't more straightforward. I'm currently running an ASUS ROG MAXIMUS HERO XI WIFI with the i9 9900k. I first tried Ubuntu 18.04 and then tried Manjaro XFCE. Current stable Manjaro 18.04 won't even boot the live USB. I switched to 18.1 pre-2 which booted, and installed, but will only drive the intel GPU. The hardware can see the NVIDIA, but xrandr does not. I'm thinking about trying the latest Ubuntu, but before picking a path to move forward, I wanted to see if anyone else was working on this. Let me know if you are also trying to get this working - I'd love to share notes.
  3. I've decided to replace my Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI WiFi motherboard as it will not run with a pcie graphics card as the primary display (Asus is trying to convince me the board is bad but others seem to have the same problem even with the latest bios). This is for a high-end workstation rather than gaming. This is primarily for reading diagnostic radiology studies. I have 64 GB DDR4 memory Samsung 970 EVO M.2 1200 Watt corsair PSU Nvidia 980 ti Overclocking is cool and everything but I don't have much tolerance for any instability. What do you recommend?
  4. If I had to choose an alternative motherboard with high performance (primarily a high-end workstation) - does anyone have a solid recommendation?
  5. I just put together my new system with an ROG maximus hero xi wifi mobo and a 980ti graphics card and can confirm that I am unable to get the 980ti to run as the primary display (regardless of the PCI slot used) which is frustrating as I was planning on a single monitor setup. I have tried both DVI and displayport (not HDMI). I think this warrants some investigation.