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  1. Less than an hour ago, as of writing this post, my current headphone's right ear cup completely detached. Granted, they were already terrible quality, so literally anything was better than them before they even broke. I have a budget of about $100 USD. I mostly only game and listen to music, with occasional video editing. I need closed-back headphones, because other people are usually in the room I work at. As for the sound levels(? curves?. I hope that's the correct term), I don't particularly care if they're bright, flat, dark, or whatever. I might lean towards flat curves, because video editing, however. A friend of mine recommended the Arctis 5, which looks pretty good, but I would prefer headphones, with a separate mic. Moreover, I would prefer wired headphones, so I don't have to remember to charge them, and tbh I just prefer wired things. I had also taken a look at the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros. They seem fairly good, but also fairly ugly. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This is probably just my "oh no I'm ignorant about pc parts" talking, but for some reason I have the faintest notion that amd gpus are for some reason worse than nvidia ones for gaming (compatibility wise). It's most likely untrue, but could you elaborate on your decision?
  3. After living with an awful potato laptop for several years, I've decided it's time to upgrade to a real pc. Budget/Location I've got a budget on the lower end of $1000 USD. (Not including peripherals or monitors) This is mostly a gaming pc, but I do some other intensive tasks from time to time. (though not enough to favor some parts over others. Just some occasional editing of videos) My main focus for upgrading is getting something with more than 8 gb of ram (I hit that limit almost constantly on my current laptop. I play ram-heavy modded games) and something with an actual graphics card other than the integrated one. Not to mention I utilize 100% of cpu quite often. I plan on this being a VR capable machine, though the actual PC is a more immediate priority. Monitors I currently have pretty decent 1 monitor, but plan on buying 2 new ones (replacing the old 1, just so the two will match). I don't mind normal HD resolution, but would prefer the maximum number frames possible (within a reasonable budget) after living with ~10 fps in games for several years. (not an exaggeration. That's my average in Minecraft.) I don't like the idea of curved/ultra wide monitors (my desk wouldn't even fit the latter). Some suggestions would monitors would be nice. (Unknown budget. Try to stay below $500 USD, I guess. I'm not even really sure how expensive monitors are.) While I could see myself getting a third, I do not plan on getting it any time in the near future. Peripherals I don't need suggestions for mice or keyboards, but headphones would be nice. (Not headsets. I eventually plan on buying a stand mic.) I can't seem to find ones that fit my specifications which aren't $200+ but I also don't know the market that well. My ideal headphones are circumaural (around the ears. NOT on. NOT inside), wired (I just enjoy wired things more. They literally just feel better, though I don't mind if it's wireless), closed design, and noise cancelling (This one probably drastically reduces my options, but I also don't need this feature.) Why am I upgrading? My games don't run that well, and I'm having an overall pretty bad experience. I could really use more ram and an existent better gpu. Current List/Rationale For parts As a note, I've essentially copied the parts list from Linus's recent video on a value gaming rig, with a few upgrades. (Notably, the ram, gpu, and ssd) If you would suggest I do something else with an extra $200 budget, please do so. Video link: Part List: (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/L6x2YH) Rationale: As a note for the part list: if it's not on that list, I'm not buying it. (Literally. What you see is what I'm buying.) So if I'm missing a part or tool, do tell me before I realize it's too late. (I do have a screwdriver, though)
  4. I've nailed down a few of the specs of a monitor I would want, but I have a hard time searching for a monitor with all of these at the same time. My monitor needs g-sync, min 28 inches, max 38 inches, preferably 4k, as low a response time as possible (I do understand this number is usually meaningless, but I'm hoping for someone to know of a monitor that's pretty trusted in this area), preferably 240hz refresh rate, and preferably not curved. (i just don't like the curve. Unless someone can give me a few really good reasons why curved is better, then I'll decide for it, maybe.) Also, I don't entirely know if this monitor exists, (I can't find any with all of these specs on pcpartpicker). And price doesn't really matter in this case. However, I'm not paying for a monitor that's over 10000USD. That's just ridiculous.
  5. I am trying to build my first ever pc (so I don't know much about building/choosing parts), when I get my first job in the next year, so I want suggestions for parts for a high-ish gaming rig. My probable maximum amount I will spend buying all of the first parts is ~5000$ USD. Here are some parts I have been looking at. Please provide any feedback on the parts I have looked at, or any others other users would suggest. And I think those are all the parts I need. I think.... And yeah... I don't know a lot about parts. So if you suggest one, make sure to perhaps simplify some of the information. Also, if a part doesn't really fit my budget, I encourage you to still suggest it, as I may buy it after I get all of the initial parts, to upgrade the computer when some parts get outdated.