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  1. US Military Buys Three Cray Supercomputers Equipped with AMD's EPYC Processors if I was an Intel VP in charge of government contracts after this, I'd be checking out retirement villa's
  2. rcorkum

    Stream LTX

    they've repeatedly announced on FP chat watching the panels live here, that there will BE vod of the panels. I figure it will take 2-3 days min (thats my opinion not official) as I think right now LMG and LTT are a bit busy and need a day or 2 of recovery. thanks for streaming it on FP it rocks and did all weekend.
  3. how about a channel and videos channelsupergeek. with very detailed videos, like how you on fp just released that cool new idea with you and Anthony. geek it out to minor detail and put it on channelsupergeek or an editing 101 by terrain. or a fan favourite host does lighting and camera or setting up a stream in 2019. you do so many videos and with fp growing and let's face it ltt is were we get our geek on.
  4. and asm. goasm and associated tools fasm Masm
  5. the wealth of a man can be measured by his good relationships, Linus you are a wealthy man, thank you so much. my wife who has maybe seen 5 minutes of your show ever. was laughing her ass off the entire show. well done everyone. I think the YT video is going to be about 3-5 minutes. thank you!
  6. oh, I totally agree 200% the problem is the interpretation of the law. that's my concern, EU, international companies, how it could hit say a blog poster with a weekly update up to and including Google and FB. and everything between.
  7. did you all miss the link tax, ask how that could affect ahem FORUMS, floatplane, youtube, twitch. all content posted must be owned. or proof you have permission. it's going to be so much fun.
  8. are you kidding if I could build a datacenter Anthony be my #1 steal.
  9. linus are so so wrong on this. where to start? hard to make a linux usb stick yumi rufus unetbootin there are more distro's out and modified distro's than you can shake a stick at check out distrowatch. and to pay for linux? it used to cost in the day we were on dialup 1200 or so and you paid for the media or shipping but it's so fast now. selling this is a bloody sin in my book. if anyone in my city needed help like this I'd wave my normal 25 I'll look at it fee. I implemented that to stop friends and family (don't drink or smoke) mooching. mind you if I can repair it in say 30 or so once I look at it that fee is including fixing it. that way my time doesn't get wasted (have a lot of repeat customers or did till my health sort of stopped me. but to me this is just gouging so anyone know a source of really cheap say 16 or 32 gig sticks. we should do this on reddit/r/linux or such and just work it as a crowd and sell the damn thing for cost.
  10. for me it was an 'oops' message on a linux box never ran into one before. so fired up laptop did some googling and voila learned what an 'oops' was and laughed at bsod from them on as an 'oops' is nothing to laugh at. '
  11. no, we should not let LInus near high voltage tools ever.
  12. wow I didn't know it was no caffeine coffee day. wow, lol. insert humor here. I am so glad we had so many mind readers in this forum. then can you explain windows 8? anyway.
  13. Blueray player you mean physical movies correct? I bought a dvd once and a cd once.
  14. chuckle we always said McAffee meant an instant reimage of the machine and norton required a second pc to not load the first.
  15. I will say what I use personally. comodo antivirus, firewall free version tuned to how I like it. my vpn is nordvpn. as for password manager there a few to pick from and I think all have had there issues I use lasspass but don't consider it the end all of that will keep a good record for me (they had a breach a few years ago) what I do. I have a tiny 32gb ssd extra hd in my pc. its not mapped to the os and I use it as a critical notes section I keep a file in there and update it a lot with notepad++ for me its masterpass.txt that drive is not shared or mapped and that file is stored on a secure folder on my cell is well. I could encrypt a usb and go all out but if i lose the usb or the key to it that make a nice doorstop. and for me I need to know one password. my pc password and my google password. once say I have to wipe my pc or install a new one with those to. once on my network everything syncs I am back I use my phone to reset up a few key things and go from there. I hope this helps.