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  1. Before machine 2 was giving intervals of 3 beeps
  2. So I have two machines that won’t boot at all or give me any sort of sign of what might be the issue the machines are as listed below. So when I try to boot either machine nothing happens. I have already tried swapping GPUs swapping ram Swapping drives reseting the cmos ensuring the cpu is seared properly removing extra PCI cards but nothing I do seems to resolve the main issue that I am having. machine 1 MSI 970 gaming fx-8300 24 gigs of ram RX-580 8 GB 480 GB Sandisk SSD (boot drive) 2 TB Samsung 860 QVO 3* 1 TB HDD random storage Machine 2 A8-7600 8 GB of ram same boot drive SSD AS before r9-270x Asrock FM2A68M-HD+
  3. Everything worked in the spare computer I have if I swap to it I lose 8 gigs of memory, 2 says ports, and half my cores. The CPU in the other case is an A8-7600 and the memory on hat board runs in single channel. despite seeing both sticks @Gegger
  4. Well I tried reseating the CPU but nothing is happening still @Gegger
  5. Welp I will have to save money up to do this just for the new MoBo, CPU, Cooler, and PSU is almost a grand @Gegger
  6. I guess all the overclocking to my CPU burnt it out but don’t CPUs have backup cores Incase something happens to the main cores @Gegger
  7. There’s an audio boost light which turns on
  8. Well I think my motherboard is working just fine since the LED on my GPU and water block are lit up @Gegger
  9. I wish I could ditch AM3 and build a ryzen 7 3800x machine @Gegger
  10. I’m starting to think it’s either my CPU Or MOBO @Gegger
  11. I tried that at one point as I was watching a Jaystwocents Video on how to fix a Failed GPU overclock video but that didn’t work. But as soon as I popped my SSD, RAM, and GPU into my FM2+ machine it worked
  12. I just attached a PC speaker my system an it’s not making any sound tho I do have my GPU removed from my PC rn
  13. My power supply is working just fine. The LED lights in my case fans and water block turn on and I feel an airflow from the PSU itself @Gegger