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    Music Production, VR
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    Semiprofessional music producer. Like to fiddle around with hardware sometimes.
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    I7 7700K
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    Z270e STRIX
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    32GB GSkill TridentZ RGB 2133mHz
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    1060 6GB Founder Edition
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    Silverstone PM01 RGB
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    1TB Crucial SSD, 3TB Seagate Barracuda, 1TB Samsung 960 Evo, 500GB Samsung 960 Evo
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    29” Ultrawide LG
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    H100i V2
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    Razer Huntsman Mercury Edition
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    Razer Naga Trinity
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    Rockville APM6.5
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    Mac OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra

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  1. I have a friend with an nzxt case where his panel spontaneously exploded while he was across the room. Not even touching it. His incident ended up scratching every component of the build, and upon calling up nzxt support he got a new case. I wonder if I can get some photos to continue the “random glass of explosions” thread. Lol
  2. Unless it dried out or was a bad application. It’s still good to give it a shot.
  3. It’s probably old thermal paste for the cpu. Just clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and reapply
  4. If you end up with a second new monitor I’d call that a win. Unless the blb is super obnoxious, I personally would just wait and either have a new dual monitor setup or have the new one and then sell the defective one on eBay (being honest about the defect). Either way you end up with 2 monitors or 1 and some cash instead of 1 monitor and no cash.
  5. If you go with the founders card for the 2060 it should fit and your cooler fit with 6mm of clearance. The build won’t really see any bottlenecking issues, but have you considered ryzen 3*** chips or waiting until Intel releases their 10th gen lineup. If you can wait, nvidia is rumored to reveal the 3000 series gpus this month.
  6. It’s finally here!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer
    3. dizmo


      What made you go Intel over Ryzen?

    4. Quadrum


      Pcie lanes

  7. The only recent Intel security flaw that was found recently requires a lot of technical knowledge and physical access to the system. AMD on the other hand just had a security flax exposed in the L1 cache writing system that can be accessed remotely. Right now amd chips are more vulnerable than Intel.
  8. Some of the mobile chips leaked running at 5.3gHz. Single core increases are happening and they will be drastic.
  9. I’d wait to see what 10th gen Intel has in store as single core performance is rumored to be incredible on those chips
  10. Is there any safe place/site you possibly know that has the 10940x in stock or for preorder that will ship before April? I found a somewhat sketchy site that says it’ll ship one for $822 on April 3rd. I just can’t find the cpu anywhere! 

    Considering you managed to get one, I thought I’d ask you.



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    2. ImNotNeko


      I personally don't do orders that are more than 1 month pre-order.

      I've done it several times andbit gets cancelled most of the time :/


      It depends on how much you need it right now.

    3. Quadrum


      Yes! I finally found it. Happened to be searching around and Best Buy spontaneously had it in stock for 800$. Never made a faster cpu order. 10940x here we come! Thanks for the help btw.

    4. ImNotNeko


      Congratz!! I hope you get the most out of that CPU!!

  11. Thanks for clarifying that. I was completely unaware. My bad!
  12. First of all, if you are going to spend 600$ on a gpu, get a 2080 Super. The normal 2600 is locked, as it is the non-x variant. Any ryzen cpu with the x, i.e 3600x, 2700x, you could overclock. If going with a 2080 Super, you could get by fine with a 650 watt psu, and I’d suggest any Corsair or SeaSonic psu that can handle 650 watts with good efficiency.
  13. When it comes to raid, I personally don’t mess with it. Raid has its instabilities and just having two separate hard drives gives you double the storage. If you want the redundancy, go for it, but for video editing, 5TB isn’t going to last a while. I do music production as a hobby and I go through close to 500GB a month. Samsung 970. All the way. They have great reliability and as a boot drive that’s important. Corsair ML pros are going to be quieter to my knowledge because industrial fans tend to be loud. NZXT Kraken. It’s a water cooler not an air cooler. Always water is quieter than air. Good luck with the build!
  14. Thanks! I’ll definitely take a look. I did forget to mention that Intel is more optimized for my workflow, but I will definitely consider the 3950x. Maybe the 3960x if prices ever come down, I doubt they will though. Thanks for clarifying!
  15. Aren’t most gpus on 3.0 anyway, so I still would be stuck at 24 lanes? It’s still 24 actual lanes and until pcie 4 is supported by pcie card manufacturers I’m not actually getting the performance out of it.