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    I7 7700K
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    Z270e STRIX
  • RAM
    32GB GSkill TridentZ RGB 2133mHz
  • GPU
    1060 6GB Founder Edition
  • Case
    Silverstone Primera RGB
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    1TB SSD 3 TB HD
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    29” Ultrawide LG
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    H100i V2
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer Naga Hex v2
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    Monitor Speakers
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    Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra
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  1. I would honestly wait for the 2018 iphones, because it looks like there will be three options yet again this year, along with a possible SE2. I would see options first. OnePlus is great, but not for its price. Apple falls along the same lines. I would look at all the options once released before making a final decission.
  2. MSRP for GPUs is just a taunt at this point.

  3. High refresh rate crashes monitor

    But for better compatibility a new dp cable is better
  4. High refresh rate crashes monitor

    Cable issue. Try using a DisplayPort.
  5. External display lag while using usb-c

    If hdmi works then you’ll have to do that. But i believe that the usb-c in this case is being bottlenecked by the mobo. In laptops the I/o is limited to a small amount of bandwidth for battery and it could be the cause of the lag. Good luck!
  6. It always confuses me why at basketball games, the take away the cap to your water bottle. You could just throw the bottle instead.

  7. Taking the custom loop path

    Sounds good, just dont f*** up ur hardware. Good luck! Hope all goes well.
  8. small overclock?

    See if this helps. I also have an h100iv2 and I haven’t found a cooling limit when it comes to OC on my 7700k. I keep it at 5GHz stable all the time, occasionally boosting to 5.3. With that cooler, you are golden
  9. 3D Rendering Build

  10. 3D Rendering Build

    Why is a quadro p4000 better than the frontier edition card with double the ram? Is it just architechure? Also, I understand that a 4x16 kit is better than a 8x8 so I will go with that. I will be going with a full cover cooler as well. Thanks for the help so far!
  11. 3D Rendering Build

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rnLZRJ Does this work better?
  12. 3D Rendering Build

    Would a dual 120 work then?
  13. Any good desks out there? Looking for a good one.

  14. 3D Rendering Build

    Please look over the part list and see if any changes should be made. Budget is $3000 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZV3xGG
  15. new budget pc

    CPU and ram are not compatable with the motherboard.