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  1. Thank you for your comments everyone. Very useful. This is far from my expertise so I will try and speak to the boss if we could get someone in who knows what they are doing. Our client OS is Windows 10 Users will need to share volumes It needs to be quite fast as we are pulling of gigabytes of
  2. The workstations be putting storage onto it. I'll see if i can get someone who knows what they're doing.
  3. Thank you for your replies. It will only be used to put a lot of storage on to with large files. So we can work of them using the 10Gig connection. I am guessing the server wont need a 10Gig connection also?
  4. I am unfamiliar setting up SANs, I have only setup NAS. I have been given to setup a QSan Q500-P21-S316 SAN. I have done the basic quick install on it. However i am not sure what to do to connect it to the domain. Do I need to create a iSCSI Target on my Windows Server domain controller to the SAN to communicate with the SAN? Or am i missing something else?
  5. Ah hm ok so i need to work out a way to talk to someone about my position in the company then. Cause i guess i cant change it myself. Yeah I got a small raise over a year ago.
  6. So I have been employed as a Junior Systems Administrator for 4 years now (it is my first job in IT) after being fresh out of doing an HND at college. I work for a small company and 4 of us within our department. However 2 got made redundant recently due to new path the company is going down (not having to do much on-site work). Anyway I am the only one in my own department who looks after the company IT internally. - What stage in my career in IT when i will no longer be classed as a Junior? My contract says i am a junior. I have not had any form of letter saying i am not a junior. Should I approach to HR or my boss and ask? - I have never had any training within the company related to my job role, I have either Googled or asked anyone whos in the office and not out on site. But now its only me and my boss who should train me, but he is never in the office. I now get stuck of thinking what things to do without anyone saying that have a problem. I love being in the company as there are great people there. But if I am a junior and no one is mentoring me should I look for a new company to work for? If so does anyone know any recruitment agency's in the UK what focus on IT apart from Linkedin? I know the obvious answer to all this but i want to see what others think.
  7. I'm interested in what everybody does when they clean the dust out of their computer. Do you use a: - compressed air can - compressed machine - vacuum or do you use something else?
  8. Yeah might invest in SAS and see what happens
  9. Hmm just copying files at 1gig is pretty much the same.
  10. Right ok, there isn't a problem?
  11. If im honest i'm not sure what the parallel mean that would make it differnet to a single other than running it 10 times
  12. Ok so here is it at parallel streams 10. That give a total of 10G
  13. Our subnet is on a /22 had to change from a /24 because the amount of addresses that was needed at the time. Edit: So all servers / switches and other fixed on 192.168.0.X and DHCP are on 192.168.1.X
  14. Well we have 2 NAS with the same spec and they dont get hot.