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  1. Does anyone know of a good memory diagnostic tool as well as the windows inbuilt one?
  2. TheTwist

    TV Not Displaying 4k

    Ahh thats probably why. Its a Dell Latitude 3570 dont think it has HDMI 2.0
  3. TheTwist

    TV Not Displaying 4k

    I am trying to connect my laptop to my 4K TV, but under display settings i cannot find 3840 x 2160. I have tried installing the graphics driver but still having no luck What else i could try?
  4. TheTwist

    iPad query

    I have no knowledge of iPads, but I have a friend who has an iPad and the battery is dead. Before they post it for me to have a look at it. What is the best way to get data off and is it doable? Can it work by just plugging just the power cable into the mains?
  5. yeah it does, I ran a windows USB install on it went to the Command Prompt and did a diskpart on it and it wasnt showing up... So I guess its broken.
  6. Yes It was working one say but not the next. No settings have been changed
  7. Nope there is no option that i can find to do that
  8. I have an issue with my Surface Laptop. I started it up today and it only boots to UEFI and not Windows. I have tried to run a Windows Repair, but it said everything was fine. The boot configuration has; Windows Boot Manager, Internal Storage, USB Storage and PXE Network in that order. Which i think it seems fine. I was thinking of reinstalling Windows however i have some photos on there which have not been backed up yet that i don't want to loose if i can. Is there anything else i can try?
  9. TheTwist

    Network review

    Okay, Thank you will have a go and see if i can get something working.
  10. TheTwist

    Network review

    ahh okay, I dont really want to spend any money. But will see what i can do
  11. TheTwist

    Network review

    Does this network diagram seem feasible? Its a bit rough, I am wanting to create a second LAN and give internet access but not allowing it to interrupt anything within the first LAN. I guess I isolate the link connection between each router as a different IP address to each LAN per each port?
  12. TheTwist

    Adding bluetooth to TV

    Oh thats a shame thank you anyway
  13. I have a smart TV (LG 32LJ610V 32 Inch Smart Full HD TV) which does not have Bluetooth annoyingly. Is there a way to connect Bluetooth to it like adding something extra? I want to hook up a mouse to it so i can search for things rather than using the remote.
  14. TheTwist


    Okay thank you, yeah was going to do it via phone, just hopfully nothing goes wrong cause winn need to boot from the windows drive and all the boot keys can be differnet.
  15. TheTwist


    What is the best way to reinstall Windows remotely? I have a friend who is not very computer knowledgeable and live quite a way for me to get there so was wondering if it is possible?