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  1. Free or cheap DDNS service with own domain?

    hold on miss read that ignore what i said haha
  2. Free or cheap DDNS service with own domain?

    How much space do you need? And are you looking for somthing like a VPS?
  3. PPTP VPN or not?

    Thank you for your comments L2TP seems good. Easy to setup on a 2012 Server
  4. PPTP VPN or not?

    Yes i am looking for pros and cons. Its so we can connect to servers out side the building so working from home.
  5. PPTP VPN or not?

    Title says it all what are your views?
  6. Internet Speed

    Yeah dont think i'll get another router its not that old
  7. Internet Speed

    yeah annoying, Not sure if i want to add a custom firmware dont want to break it
  8. Internet Speed

    Yeah there i do have a domain server Ah looks like mine doesnt have a function
  9. Internet Speed

    Is there one for an active directory maybe?
  10. Internet Speed

    Read the manual seems like it cant happen the router here does not have a USB port @SupaKomputa
  11. Internet Speed

    Ah yeah the one here is more of a Netgear firewall
  12. Internet Speed

    Thank you, I'll look into it
  13. Internet Speed

    Is there any software out there (free if possible) that can show all devices on a network and how much internet speed they are using? Somthing i could run on a domain controller?
  14. Hardware fault

    there are 2 beeps one is the POST beep but i am sure the other isnt it is a difference pitch
  15. Hardware fault

    Definetly not a troll post!! It has never made this beeping sound before.