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  1. Yeah i keep it minimized to the taskbar when im not actively using it but it still shows up as running on the "Nvidia GPU activity app"
  2. oh okay. Didnt know that. Thank you. So im guessing nothing can be done about switching the app over to the iGPU?
  3. Hi. for some reason epic games launcher has defaulted to running on my dedicated GPU (GTX 1050). I've changed the settings in Nvidia Control panel to ensure that it runs on integrated GPU as well as setting the preferred GPU to integrated in the global settings panel. However, Epic games launcher still decides to run on my dGPU. Its quite annoying and i dont feel comfortable with my GPU running for prolonged periods since i leave my laptop on overnight to update programs and i dont like to leave it plugged in that long Thanks
  4. I performed a Dell Support Assist stress test on my GPU today. Since then random windows related apps have been randomly opening and running on my Graphics card (GTX 1050 4GB). I've turned off permissions to run apps in the background yet it's still an issue. its draining my laptops battery. Please help
  5. I wanted to open my windows defender and perform a full scan but its blank. Please help.
  6. 1) I'd have to click download on over a 100 files spread across the site so I just wanted to make my work easier 2) I prefer the look of edge over chrome and as of the last time i used chrome edge had some features that chrome didn't
  7. Is there a way to select and download multiple links at once in edge browser? Chrome has an extension called "uselect idownload" which allows you to select and download multiple links. Is there a similar feature in Edge Browser? e.g, how can I select all the download buttons at once and download the files instead of having to individually click on each link and save it to the desired folder Edge is my preferred browser and I don't want to switch to chrome thanks
  8. played Cities skylines and tried planet coaster for a bit, wasn't really a fan of either. i'll check out farming sim though thanks for the suggestions
  9. I'm really into management games where you have a business or economy to control and manage. Played quite a few and I'm looking for some suggestions.
  10. If i use a pendrive as a windows 10 media creation tool, when I'm done can i use it as a normal pendrive again? Got an SSHD for my laptop and I want to install windows 10 on it, but I've had to borrow a pendrive to use for the install,
  11. Looking for budget entry level racing wheel to play some racing games. Mostly F1 2018. Any suggestions ? Anything below $200 is fine.
  12. also for reference https://www.amazon.com/PICTEK-Programmable-Breathing-Ergonomic-Computer/dp/B01FZ3BR5S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547483300&sr=8-1&keywords=pictek%2Bt7&th=1 here is the link to my current mouse. Works great, i really like the size and fit in my hands. Only thing i don't like about it is that the liftoff distance is slightly too high for me
  13. I've got medium sized hands. Looking for a mouse with 4 or more side buttons that works great with claw grip. Mostly play FPS games. Any help? (price should be under $60)
  14. Thanks so much. Seems to have worked. I'll do some more extensive tests tomorrow. But for now its solved. Thanks again!!
  15. thank you very much! Just made the change. going to check right away if this fixes it
  16. Not sure either but I've set my nvidia GPU to run all my games
  17. Done the correct power settings for windows, how do I change it in the nvidia control panel?
  18. Dell 7567. Been experiencing lag in games for a while now. I've recently noticed that my cpu clock speed dips to 1Ghz and below even when I'm plugged in and gaming. This I think has been causing my games to stutter a lot. my temps are good at a maximum of 60 degrees when im gaming. so why is it running below the base clock speed? Please help. cant even play fortnite at medium/high with a smooth 60fps. specs: GTX 1050, i5 7300Hq @2.5ghz ,8GB RAM
  19. I had no idea Hyperthreading was turned off, neither do I know how to turn it off or on. and my ram is running at 1.20 V. Although it may be variable under load. have to test it under load when playing a game.
  20. Ive done all of this. Posted my CPU temps as well lower in the thread.
  21. I see my CPU is below the base clock all though the thermals are good. why??