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  1. The 1060 is A okay the 560ti has yet to be tested again don't have a system to test it in currently.
  2. My core 2 quad system just died after I bought a 1060 for an upgrade, I am looking for recommend platforms and a cpu the will be cost effective well not holding the gpu back. I am open to buying used but this is my first time configuring a system on my own, I am just looking for some guidance and help.
  3. My over 10-year old reliable quad core duo Q9540 has passed, brought to death by its' very own power supply. System specs: MOBO: g41mt-s2pt Ram: 4gb 1330 (2 dimm kit) Gpu(s): 1st 9800gts 2nd 560ti 2gb 3rd gtx 1060 (system died the day before its install)