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  1. GizmoAT

    Graph to compare RAM speeds

    Also, Fun Fact, apparently GSkill TridentZ has blocked price history for their RAM on camelcamelcamel.com Now it may just be an internal error, but every single Trident.Z product comes up as out of stock, and no history on the site. They probably don't want people to know how bad they are being screwed. I sure wish it would come down. Those guys need to be in jail.
  2. GizmoAT

    Graph to compare RAM speeds

    Agree! Haha.. I've been checking camelcamelcamel.com looking for this price break that's supposed to be occuring. Now that they're busted. Nothing yet!
  3. Love my AIO. Easier than air cooling. Smaller, and performance is reliable. More reliable than air cooling. Theres some guy on you tube that does excellent technical reviews and really dives into AIOs. Youll find him, he has long hair.
  4. GizmoAT

    Gaming headset vs Headphones

    I was wondering this as well. I looked into it for about 45 min yesterday. The conclusion I came to was that 7.1 headphones etc. don't exist. So, being in a similar conundrum as you, and not caring at all about a microphone, I've decided 100% to got for a real set of headphones- the studio kind. I am not big on the big bulky extra plastic and bright colors, and I think most of it is marketing. Id rather go with something sleek and expensive looking with higher build quality, and a company that has years and years experience with headphones. So, that was my determination and my reason why. My Sony headphones ($100- studio monitors) lasted me at least 10 years. So I figure, I've proven I can take reasonable care of them, and I am big on sound, I probably have headphones on 60% of the waking day. Looking for recommendations. Comfort, Durability, Quality, are crucial. Looking cool is a bonus. Not trying to go over $250, and prefer to be around $100. But I can never settle when I buy anything... So, I'm sure Ill hit the other end...
  5. So I have been trying to figure out the best Ram to buy and I am the type of person to neurotically research anything until I am an expert and I know everything about something before I buy it. I made this chart on Ram speed vs. CL using a list of available Ram, whats available in stores and hours of research. Its been done before. I know. But I was hoping to do it better and easier to understand for other. Now I am looking for feedback on it, and asking, what the hell do I do with it. Let me know if there is trouble accessing it.
  6. GizmoAT

    What 240Hz monitor should I want to choose?

    Seriously everyone is obsessed with these refresh rates. I dont think it makes a big difference. But then I don;t own one, so I can't in truth knock it. But moving from 1080p to a nice 4k screen literally blew me away. It was like an amazing grave deal "was blind but now I see" So I am obsessed with 4 k now. I'd get that 8k screen Linus reviewed if I could afford it. Part of me thinks that a lot of this G-sync, 2.5ms Refresh Rate is just marketing. I don't notice any screen tearing or lag at all and I am at a consistent 4k x2 @60Hz. I can drop it to 50Hz and I don't notice even a little bit. You can always downsample a 4k screen to make 1080p for games really easy. 1pixel 1080p = 4 pixels 4K, so the monitor can handle it no problem, without looking weird like the non native resolution of the past. I wrote another post a second ago tallking about how much I love 4k, and I dont want to repeat it here. But if you think going from 60fps to 240fps will change your life, it wont. You cant see that fast, its basically subliminial I feel like. Quadrupiling the resolution? Now that you will notice. Trust me. Get good color repro too. I never thought it mattered until I saw how bad the ones at home were next to a good calibrated one. Huge difference. Spend a lot on your screen. BenQ is good. If youre loaded get HDR, but that will set you back $1500 minimum. Its supposed to be amazing. Dell UP27Q18t is the one Ive had my eye on. That 'P' is important - it means HDR. U27Q18t is another good 4 K one, the non HDR version of previous. You dont have to upgrade your screen as often as your PC so its worth it to get a good one and keep it for like 10yrs. Anyway, thats my opinion, You can get all of the above- maybe not 240 hz yet at 4K, I dont think any connection has the bandwidth for that. But there are GSync 4ks at least. I had a list of good 4ks Im scouting EBay for, but its at home. But thats all I can help with, I would never go back to 1080. It feels like going home and using my moms 1280 x 960- which unbelievably they still sell in Laptops!! Its the default option in Dell Precision high end 17in workstation wtf.
  7. GizmoAT

    What 240Hz monitor should I want to choose?

    Whichever one comes in 4k.
  8. GizmoAT

    Setup upgrade help (monitors) etc

    Ahh a topic near and dear to my heart. This is long. Dont feel like reading, heres the moral- getting a good monitor is the best rupgrade you can ever make for your computer, even more than RAM, or a new CPU or GPU. It really is. Don't know anything about GSync. 4k is glorious though. I got a 4k screen, and it was unexpectedly the single biggest upgrade I ever made to my computer and computing. It literally changed my life. In retrospect it makes sense I guess. What do you look at all day? What component are you using 100% of the time you use your computer? A nice display will make even crap hardware at least look good. Focus on that! Gaming its a tougher sell (for 4k) because of how hard it is to run. But if you do other things, surf the net, do any actual work, whatever, by seeing more on the screen you get much more info, you can see more, you can have more open, and you don't always have to be switching screens. I do about 100x more work than gaming (infinity x lately), but now I am obsessed with 4k.I got one 4 k monitor at work, had to get another, now Im preparing to find 2 more 4ks (and critically a new laptop to drive them). There are some GSync 4ks too. They start around $350, with pretty good reviews on Amazon. Dude, you bought a 1080. Dont listen to the above fools. If your monitor sucks, then why buy a 1080. Next time send me the money, Ill keep half and send you back a 1050, and you'll never know the difference. Everyone just wants 240 framses a second, and bitches if its under 120, Horseshit. Absolute horseshit,. (I think) Dont buy into the marketing. I mean I wont say no to it. If I sat down and played a game, I would have a really hard time teling the difference in frame refresh rate. Over about 30 it looks smooth, and more than that is pretty good. Full disclosure--the important bit. I think its horseshit, I havent personally seen it, so I dont really know. I do know that usually I cant tell something isnt refreshing right until it gets under like 30FPS. So I dont know. I was way wrong about 4k though. Even microsoft word looks wayyyy better. I never noticed before. This is equivalent to moving from 460x840 to 1080p, the jump in resolution is about the same(ish), and you know how big a deal that was (if youre old enough) Color reproduction I never gave a damn about. sRGB- "pffft who cares". Im not an artist. As long as blue green and red are different whatever, right? So I bought the displaced monitor that my 4k monitor at work freed up- (work buys me nice computers since I've made friends with the IT guy and he does the purchases. i3's and 22 in for everyone- my work computer...i7-6700k, 32Gb of RAM, 2 videocards in SLI I forget what its low mid range, but I am not about to even consider gaming at work... and these glorious 2 4K screens. I got this 2 years ago, when a setup like this costs much more than it does now... Anyway, back on topic, I took home my old Dell 1080 monitor and put it next to my home monitor so I could have 2 screens there like at work. I never noticed how bad the color is in that monitor until they were side by side. It literally blew me away. I had never considered the possibility that the colors were off, but damnit they were, a lot. And no amount of adjustment would make them match, This is also where I discovered its important to have two of the same monitors. Then the colors will at least match screen to screen. When they dont match it throws you off. So get 100% sRGB at the least. The really great things about great monitors is that they go out of date much slower than say your laptop. Your investment will still be useful for your next 3 desktop computers. So to anyone else reading this- heres the message, you are so brainwashed to think that framerate is the end all be all of gaming or whatever, since many of the people on here are gamers. Its a partial lie. Misleading at best. All those frames, all that pixel shading etc, it all comes out one place. If you are using a cheap 1080 with poor color reproduction, then its seriously pointless. I would even say that the monitor is MORE important than the video card. And I am someone until picking up a nice 4k Dell display, used to buy the screens at goodwill, and think a monitor is a monitor is a monitor, they are all the same, just in a different box. I always figured there was like 1 big manufacturer, and all the other companies just repackaged it. (which is sorta true, there are only maybe a dozen fabs or so, but theres a huge difference in quality.