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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been tasked by a friend of mine to build him another workstation for his production company. I did do a build last year, with the below specs: Intel Core i7 7700K (left at 4.2GHz I've never done overclocking before, nor do i want to test it out on a production machine) 16GB DDR4 nVidia GTX 1060 Mini (6GB) Asus Mainboard (for the life of me cannot remember which one but i know it to be a board that's not compatible with 8th gen intel CPUs) Cooler Master 212 Cooler 500GB SSD Boot Drive 3x 2TB Mechanical Drives for storage. OS is Windows 7 Pro (more than likely migrating over to WIn 10 Pro soon) Lately his business has been picking up and his edits are becoming more and more complex. I must admit i'm not familiar with Premiere (i'm more final cut myself) however I've been shown the project in question and the i7 spikes up to 80% usage and then drops down again. RAM usage is also insane, sometimes it'll use up to 8-14GB or so. This happens whenever he's moving footage from one area of a timeline to another & trying to play it back. More often than not, premiere pro just crashes. More examples of issues is when he's cutting clips, having two different sorts of clip on top of each other, dragging & extending clips, locking tracks & also including soloing audio tracks. I should also mention that the footage is in 1080p using the h.264 codec. Also some of the footage is in the AVCHD format too. Apologies if everything i said is a complete mess, I've been so out of the editing game i cannot remember anything anymore My question is, what needs to be done to this build? What would be the limiting factor be the RAM, CPU or any other combination of factors? Would a new build with something like an i7 8700K or even going up to an i9 & 32-64GB RAM be appropriate? What GPU would be best suited for this kind of work, if anyone can suggest something other than a 1060 6GB? I don't want to suggest spending an awful lot of money on something that could potentially be sorted on this machine. Whenever people have asked me to build PCs for them, it's 99.99% for the time for gaming, so i know what i'm talking about. However, building for editing purposes is a new one to me. Currently, the machine listed above is the only custom machine i've built for video editing. Any help would be immensely appreciated. As this guy is a very good friend of mine and i don't want to suggest the wrong thing Regards, BD