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  1. It can fit a GodLike wich is 35.09 x 30.09 x 11.09 cm and the Creation is "only" 30.49 x 27.19 x 12.29 cm and Fractal Design website advertise this: EATX (up to 285 mm wide), ATX, mATX, ITX. I would have gone with a Meshify C otherwise. Alsow the thing is, we used powered USB Hub on the previous Computer to plug in the excess stuff to the PC reserving the 3.0 ports to the Capture Cards and still had annoying disconnects and we had to refresh the capture devices between each setup so we could output proper gameplay and video everytime.
  2. I include a 750W PSU in my Parts list and was just curious if I could get away with it for the event wich will takes place at the end of August so I can't even wait for 4000 bords to come out unfortunatly. My long term plan for the capture device is to be something like a Datapath Vision E2s with a Extron Crosspoint Splitter for RGB moded retro console and internal HDMI Capture card(s) for any HD content and Get something like the ATEM Mini Pro to handle Video.
  3. Budget (including currency): ~1000€ Country: France Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Long term upgradable Streaming PC with a shit ton of USB Device Other details: Currently have a 1060 6G Graphics card, and a 550W PSU 80 + Gold from corsair So Here's the thing, I host a Streaming event where we uses too many USB Devices: 2 LGX HD Capture Cards, 2 GVUSB2 SD Capture Cards 4 C920 Webcams, 1 Stream Deck XL, 1 regular Stream Deck, 1 Soundcard, Mouse and Keyboard Combo and another but wireless. For a total of 14 USB devices with 8 USB 3.0 requiered. The PC we used Last year had trouble with all that bandwith and I'm looking for Solutions to reduce the number of USB needed to run the event although I alsow want to be able to run all these device at the same time without bandwith bottelneck. This System will have to be upgradable for the next 2 CPU Generations at least ( x570 are already supposed to support Ryzen 4000 Cpus and I just hope AMD wont change the AM4 socket with the 5000 series) I know most of High end x570 boards have ridiculous overkill VRMs for current gen Ryzen but would prob take adventage of those down the line. I'm kinda thorned on either picking a MsI Creation without any aditionnal card or get a Aorus Master/Asus ROG Formula 8 with add on expension cards to get a separate USB controller, Mobo will need to still have good enough feature set for futureproof. Here's my current planned part list for context: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Bobigno/saved/#view=tmhRTW What would be the best solution to my USB bandwith problem? Is my current 550W PSU good enough for all this build? I plan to use this system for at least 7 to 10y with CPU/GPU/Ram possible upgrade down the line. Thx for helping me out on this!
  4. I'm probably not goin to stream with 2 Pc and i wont see the point cause im not using te PC to run games only stream. ^^'
  5. Is there any way i can work around this ? Alsow having 3 times the same webcam was not a very smart idea cause they are considered as the same one by OBS. Is PCIE gen 4 be a good way to expend the bandwidth ?
  6. So let me explain myself, I am a french streamer and i organise a Zelda Speedrun event. The thing is i have some issues with the PC we are using for this event. We only use one PC to stream and we had a total of 3 C920 webcams, 1 LGX, 1LGP, 1 Dazzle DVC 100, 1 GV USB2. The thing is we couldnt controll properly all the cameras and we had random bugs with the video capture of the games. We alsow have 2 stream decks, 2 Keylights Keyboard and mouse and prob some other things pluged in the USB Hub. So i wonder how can i upgrade/avoid the problem. I though about 3 possible things: 1 Goin Pro: investing in Professional Video capture gear; Cameras mixing board and all that stuff 2: Just put less overall video capture devices in the first place 3: Redirect all this Data by buying internal Graphics cards/USB through PCI E slot to reduce the demand on the motherboard USB Bus (is this only a thing in the first place ?) In other words I don't know how to get arround these video issues. Sound and internet connexions are good but video is makin me sweat soo im askin you guys what should i do ? Considering the fact that i want to go pro in the future about event making but im too poor at the moment to consider Pro options because im doin this on my free time. The Pc i was using will not be usable this year so i'll use a PC equiped of a Ryzen 7 2700, 16gb of 2400mhz DDR4 ram, 500gb ssd, 1To of Storage, GTX 1650 4gigs GPU, gigabyte, x470 motherboard with 850 watt fully modular 80 plus gold psu.
  7. The beeps are from the GPU (i think) or at least my computer beeps only when i install the GPU. When I putt my old GPU back it works just fine on the same port (i only have one anyway) plus as i said in the post the bips are short beeps that occurs every 20 sec. I made 2 videos of what's happening when i try to boot from my old GPU (dont mind the 640 name its a GT 620) and my 1060 http://fromsmash.com/27cc3272-3b3d-11e9-a045-0ab2f9c92664 It alsow work just fine with on board graphics.
  8. Hello Everyone. This Post is actually a follow up of my previous thread concerning my upgrade of my consumer PC (you can find it here): The MotherBoard is a Acer IPIMB - AR Rev 1.02A. Im now using a Corsair TX550 M PSU 16G of DDR3 Value Select Corsair Ram and a GTX 1060 6G SC from EVGA. The Problem is the GPU Fan will stop spining when i load to the acer screen and wont go any further than that. It'll then start beeping every 20 sec. Howether if i try to use inboard graphics that works fine. My Bios is in vers P01 - A1. I downloaded the BIOS update vers P01 - A2 but i can't achieve any method to install it. I found This on the net but idk if it'll help me in any way https://www.manualslib.com/manual/406083/Acer-Aspire-M3985.html?page=90#manual From what i've heard i might want to disable secure mode but i cant find any settings in the BIOS to disable it. And since any metod i use to update the BIOS Fail (or i have no clue about what im doin) i cant see if the new BIOS gives me reach to the famous option.
  9. I'll go with a Kingstone KC400 SSD with 128GB of storage for booting windows and my streaming files. I think this could be good for my setup and honestly, 360 bucks for a pc upgrade seems pretty good to me
  10. I finally set my mind for a TX550M from Corsair Its on the top tier list of the forum and its half modular PSU Just what I need. I think spending few extra bucks for a good reliable PSU is worth it.
  11. No worries! The Antec is 450W is the 50+W really that important? I don't know much about PSU so ... And yeah 8GB should be enough ^^ I might replace it with some more recent 4GB sticks in the future for a bit of improvement. Anyway, a Huge thx to you Simon!
  12. I don't seem to find any other GPU with at least 2 HDMI port in the 1050TI series 'over than a MSI LPv2 i can't find anywhere to sell) and the 1060 series will be a bit too expensive for my purpose I think. So what about the Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Windforce OC 4Go GDDR5 GPU and the Antec Neo Eco 450M for PSU? Maybe with 16GB of Ram instead of 8GB? Or is 32 that necessary for what I want to do? Not to mention its a closed case so I don't care to see the components and this system doesn't need to be much quiet too.
  13. What would you recommend for the SSD then?
  14. The thing is I want to make sure I get like 3 HDMI port in total and a VGA DVI port for some projector output. Also, my Computer is very dusty I checked the CPU cooler and it was full of dust should I replace it or an air pistol cleanup would be enough to make my rig shiny and clean again?
  15. Will 200 bucks for a Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Windforce OC 4Go GDDR5 GPU be a good deal?