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    i7 8700k 6 core coffee lake processor 32 gb of DDR4 ram
  • Motherboard
    Asus 370E mobo
  • RAM
    32 gb of DDR4 ram
  • GPU
    Nvidia 1080 founder edition
  • Storage
    500 gb western digital ssd and 1 tb segate HDD
  • PSU
    1000w semi modular Rosewill PSU
  • Cooling
    H100i v2 cpu cooler
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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  1. nvm ssd is dying system diagnostics and windows setup confirms this
  2. update x2 TPM(bitlocker) was enabled in BIOS had to turn it off note for anyone who comes across the same issue e also thx for all the help rlly do appreciate it
  3. update it was in RAID 0 not AHCI e dont know why it defaulted to that and dont know why it took so long for me to realize and check (autho wouldnt it still pop up in windows?)
  4. also tried it with the ssd plugged into my desktop and use the windows utility still no luck says device not matched
  5. i tried that but dont think it installed cuz it says device not matched or something
  6. I have a latitude E7470 that came pre-installed with windows 7 when I went to upgrade it to win 10, win 10 boot usb couldn't see it I also tried booting into Hiren and putting it in my desktop, both couldn't see it the only thing that can see it is the laptop is self the win 7 on the PC doesn't work but im able to boot into win 7 recovery environment but recovery doesn't see the main partition and check disk yields nothing (tried it on the win 10 boot usb Laptop details: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Latitude-i7-6650U-Business-Ultrabook/dp/B01KTTPYO8 Its ssd is a LiteOn CV3 Solid-State Drive (CV3-8D512-11 M.2 512GB, Dell model number: 956WW) Any help would be much appreciated thx
  7. So the other day I was playing smash with some of my friends we only had two controllers so my brain be like Looks at my android phone wonder if i can use it as a controller from there google lead me to this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rdapps.gamepad&hl=en_US&showAllReviews=true After pulling out a free recycled phone from my drawer full of phones and flashing it to android 9.0 I installed the app, paired it to my friend's phone and it worked with no problem one issue I had was clicking the right buttons while playing because your not able to feel what your clicking and sometime miss click and not click it Prob after getting used to it, it should be fine On top of that they have a support discord, even tho I didn't have a issue, they are rlly nice and helpful. https://discord.gg/5SFhf5C This app has a lot of potential and cant wait to see what this app will be in the future. Also try not to leave a low review for it on the play store cuz it hurts how well the app does (The app also claims to have fully customize-able buttons but haven't played with that)
  8. install kodi then free streaming box or use it for retro gaming
  9. I have a old matrox gpu that has 256 mb of vram XD (its a AGP card too, not PCI)
  10. So i have a Toshiba latitude P755 and it comes with 6 gbs of ram in a 4 gb stick and a 2 gb stick (both clocked at 1333 mhz) I have a 4 gb from a lenovo laptop (idea pad somthing XD) thats clocked at 1600 mhz When I try changing the 2 gb stick on the toshiba to the 4 gb stick, im able to boot into bios and I can see the Bios can see all 8 gb of ram no problem but when i try to boot into windows or anything eles (memtest and liniux) i get a black screen with a blinking underscore at the top left Note im able to boot just the old 4 gb stick, but with the lenovo 4 gb stick the laptop didn't even turn on also swapping the toshiba and lenovo ram sticks to see if different slots also made the laptop not turn on (by not turn on = not able to boot into bios) Any help would be nice :D
  11. they all match the server settings
  12. im trying to set up a open vpn server on an android using the app sever ultimate (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icecoldapps.serversultimate&hl=en_US) I was able to get it work on a old HTC phone, but i found a spare S3 and choses to switch to that Im able to set up the server and I was able to connect to it with no issues. But when im connected, I don't seem to have internet I also notice that the packet receive goes up to 10 seconds then reset. Any help would be nice