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  1. You should focus on a good CPU such as a newer I7 and then with the money left over get 8g of ram and all the other components. You can probably find a cheap pc on eBay that you can replace the CPU on. You should not get a GPU, sounds like you don't need it.
  2. Did you plug in the CPU power? It could be one of many other things though, just run through the build process again.
  3. But can it pay out in coin other than Bitcoin?
  4. I am looking for an all-encompassing easy to use cryptocurrency miner. I want to be able to mine a few different types such as etherneum, litecoin, ripple. If it has an easy to use interface that would be great but not necessary.
  5. Mibits


    I'm hoping this turns into something, put any giveaways you find online below. People can come here to see PC's, peripherals, etc. That they can win. Heres the first link: https://www.xidax.com/jtmusic_neebs_giveaway This is a Xidax PC giveaway, 20 days left.
  6. I have been saving up to buy a high-end gaming/work laptop, I found a few that I really like but my top choice was the Gigabyte aero 15x because of its size as well as performance(Max-Q 1070). I can't seem to find where to buy it though. Newegg says they are sold out and same with Amazon. Can anyone give me some tips? Thanks