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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600 |
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF B450 PRO Gaming |
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper Steel Series 16GB 3733MHz |
  • GPU
    HD 4850 Palit |
  • Storage
    Intel 600P 1TB NVMe |
  • PSU
    BitFenix Whisper M 650W |
  • Display(s)
    Samsung LC32JG50 1440p 144hz
  • Keyboard
    Redragon Kumara RGB
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  • Operating System
    WIN10 X64

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  1. I was looking at one of the samson's Mics i think it was track pro or something and Blue Yeti I was wondering if there are any other mics more suited for VA, otherwise I think i may just go with samson's mic which i heard has more of a base? bass? lows? idk sth of that
  2. I noticed that whenever i play or leave services of RockStar (the only one is Rockstar game library services in MSCONFIG) on, i get crashes or aka. resets and that happens always when i enable now back that service to play GTA V So the thing in latencymon is high execution times which can go from 7,0s all the way up to 11,0s which is an instant death-reset. No mercy. Did anyone else ever had same experience? I mean like that started to happen ever since i installed GTA V +1-2weeks after
  3. Okay found a problem causing it -or at least ik where to look for I went to msconfig and disabled everything that wasn't microsoft services and now works normally again for what it could cause idk i must take time and go through it, but it is quite time consuming process to begin with so one of those listed down here is the trouble maker
  4. Hope this was a problem let's see
  5. While gaming sorted;: 1. is Highest Execution time 2. ISR Count last one is DPC Latency Everything's happening in approx 30min time after lunching anything gottta thing it dxgkrnl $= what should i do now?
  6. ideal~ listening to YT 1. DPC 2. Highest Exe. 3. ISR
  7. 0.2 is while gaming in 30min and the ones without 2.0 are ideal for 30min
  8. okay will try out, will try on ideal for some time and while gaming for the exact same time
  9. Okay, but it still shows the exact moment something goes wrong, maybe it is not as accurate as other programs but does what it was designed to do. at least to here we can both agree? Anyway I was thinking if it was possible if perhaps a freesync may be a problem with nvidia's gpu, I've turned off freesync on monitor so let's see how it goes. Also for gpu drivers it showed to around a middle. the one with red line is freshly taken where no issues are present at that given moment. 2nd one was taken shot of right before the reset. Both are different shots of a different thing
  10. Why wouldn't it be? it works for me, and it is accurate.
  11. NXK

    Boot looping

    Check for PSU, if it loops between power up and doesn't go to start up, it may very well be PSU problem.
  12. The problem appears, at least i assume, when i pay video games and browsing the web, like youtube, etc... The problem to appear may vary, it can appear in an hour or two, it can in a day or two or even in a week, depends on how much I'm using computer i think. How I know when the reset will take place? I can hear crackling sounds in headsets or speakers 2-5-10 seconds before the reset takes place. The time of how soon it resets depends on how high the latency is at that given moment. I also see the latency spiking with DPCLAT program. The latency has to spike over 7000-8000qs or more for reset to take place. When I built up the computer it didn't have those issues. Issue started appearing somewhere in mid OCT. I reinstalled GPU drivers (DDU), Sound card's (realtek - onboard) drivers, Ethernet drivers and it didn't help. I updated the chipset, also didn't help. Im running on Windows 10 latest updates, always. Last update of BIOS was made in mid SEP, 2019. ver. 1816. MOBO is ASUS B450 TUF PRO GAMING. Since then I did not want to Flash my BIOS, because of the random spikes in latency which causes random resets. If anyone is thinking that it is the CPU who is overheating, it is not. In some cases if i turn off the game and the browser -chrome and if the latency is not too high and persistent it may lower its self to a normal state at around 1000qs. 2 days in a row i left computer to run nothing at night and when i woke up the highest latency recorded was 2200qs~ CPU: Ryzen 3600 GPU: GTX 1070 Headsets: Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless RAM: Patriot Viper 16GB 3733MHz PSU: BIT FENIX Whisper 650W I really don't know what could be the cause, any idea is welcoming.
  13. RAM I had to tweak the RAM, but it could be casued because of cpu memory controller?
  14. I found another one, So on 3533MHz, 3466MHz amd 3400MHz i get unstable while heavy workload, tho if i put the freq down to 3333MHz 1.35V it gets stable i tried under volt it and overclock it all the way up to 1.4V and down clock it do 1.335V all in vain I can boot with 3533MHz but beyond that it requires factory reset -removing cmos battery