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  1. Yes, it is under warranty, but isn't there any other solution, than replacing it?
  2. Yeah, well... It doesn't show any sign of picture on the display, so that's not quite possible =(
  3. The first time i plugged the GPU and make it run, it worked perfectly. Then I ran a banchmark, furmark... I wanted to stress this card to its max, to see what it will do... But the card didn't reach it's max, it actually stopped working at 65°C. Firstly it froze, then the black screen showed and then came back to its senses... Picture came back and told me that drivers had failed.. Then again I ran one program. It was chosen randomly. The card crashed and i had to reset the computer. After the reset, the drivers were gone (think they were present, not deleted, just not working) present drivers were the generic one with bad resolution. I did complete uninstall of drivers with DDU in safe mode... reinstall the drivers to its latest 417.71, i think that's the name of the last one. And after that i did reset of the computer, it booted well and then i ran again one stress program, it reached it's limit at 65 degrees and failed. after that i was unable to get a picture on the screen. GPU's fans worked ok and everything else as well, i've tried with many others cards like 1060, 580 and it works sweet. The screen itself is not pitch black, but it is the color of plugged monitor with no display available. Like, it looks like it has electricity, but with no display cable plugged, even tho it is. So i think GPU at this point is dead, because i guess even display did not detect the GPU. and oh, it displayed some of the red dots on the screen as well, before dying on me. Only happened with that card. Tho i need your thoughts on that matter. What do you think? is it dead?
  4. NET3X

    LAGGING on Higher Resolutions

    I think that it was a 4quad cpu at work were different CPUs
  5. NET3X

    LAGGING on Higher Resolutions

    Hi, I do not even know if this is the right topic but please bare w me =P So whenever i go with higher resolution than 720p (like 1080p /+) video start lagging and i have no idea why exactly... I was wondering if it was because of lame hardware i have (CPU -> E6300 - Intel one)... Because when i was working at work i saw new computers w new monitors capable of 1080p support but i could actually run videos at 4k pretty easily (i know that it is kinda useless 1080p monitor and 4k videos (lol)) but anyway more pixels are always welcomed. But the thing was that they ran very smoothly and i believe their CPU was i5 or sth similar... And so we came to conclusion if CPU is the key factor which matters if the video will be able to run smoothly on higher resolutions or not ? or does that depends on monitor itself and video support protocols?