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    AMD FX 8350
  • Motherboard
    Asus Sabertooth 990fx R 2.0
  • RAM
    Corsair 16 GB
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 750 TI
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    Cooler Master
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    650 Watt Antec
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  1. elfishz

    Are ebay windows CDs legit

    So would something like this be legit (I'm not actually going to buy windows vista, it is just an example): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Windows-Vista-Business-64-bit-with-Service-Pack-2-Full-Install-DVD-Product-Key/223630381486?hash=item341168d1ae:g:7KYAAOSwS8tdBa7F
  2. elfishz

    Are ebay windows CDs legit

    If you go to ebay and search up a legacy OS like xp, vista or 7, you will see that many people are selling CDs with the OS that don't look like the official CD at all. Are these keys legit?
  3. elfishz

    Asus vg279q ($315) vs Acer nitro VG271 ($249)

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/b14mwj/acer_vg271_mini_review/ https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/asus-vg279q-vs-acer-vg271/758/781
  4. elfishz

    GTX 1080 vs RX 5700

    Since AMD does much worse with shaders, or they don't run at all, I will wait for Nvidia to drop RTX2070S prices and then get a black Friday deal or something. I can wait a few more months with my 980.
  5. elfishz

    GTX 1080 vs RX 5700

    If the GTX 1080 is basically at max preformance now, and the 5700 matches it already, I am going with AMD this time
  6. elfishz

    GTX 1080 vs RX 5700

    I will go with the 5700 xt but will still wait if the new 5800 cards don't make 1080s or 5700 cards priced lower. looking at UserBenchmark, a 5700 xt gives 1080 ti (or RTX 2070S) preformance for a very cheap price, so if the prices stay the same, I'm going with a 5700 xt.
  7. elfishz

    GTX 1080 vs RX 5700

    Also should I spend 50-70 more on a RX 5700 XT?
  8. elfishz

    GTX 1080 vs RX 5700

    Was about to decide on a used GTX 1080 but remembered about the RX 5700. Looking at UserBenchmark, they are identical. Which one should I buy? Will be using for: Minecraft Shaders BF1 CSGO BTW which one do you think is more future proof? I don't want to upgrade for the next 3-5 years afterward
  9. I did know those things before hand but I really didn't really apply it here because I thought: 1) If it uses CPU, it must be pretty little usage. After all, it is a graphics mod. 2)A GTX 980 can still be considered a 1440p card depending on the game. The shaders I am using came out in the same year the card came out in, when it was a 4k card. 3)I am on 1600 x 900, so it can't really be my GPU on pretty low settings for the resolution multiplier and shadow multiplier, and I haven't heard of big performance complaints and I do trust the shader authors to be not be that incompetent at optimization.
  10. wait so newer versions of optfine are designed to be more GPU dependent then? I can take a 1.12.2 modpack and the shaders still don't reduce my frames to much.
  11. I will see if that is causing the problem by running MSI after burner while playing
  12. Yeah, in the the 140s
  13. I get 140 FPS regular so it must be a GPU problem, right
  14. I get FPS from 70 on SEUS and Continuum and 110 on Slidurs and it quickly drops down to about 40-55 FPS within a minute or two. This happens on 1.6.4 and 1.7.10. I am using GTX 980 and FX 8350 with 16 GB RAM. I am using 1600 x 900 with 0.7 render res and 0.5 shadow res Also here is proof that my GPU is under preforming and not just shaders are really GPU intensive
  15. elfishz

    MAG241C or VG271

    Acer has a 1440p version for 50 more, but my GTX 980 probably will choke. I wonder how different 1440p scaled down to 1080p on a same screen size as a regular 1080p panel looks. If there is no difference, I might buy the 1440 IPS one