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  1. So i DDUd the drivers and also reseated everything. Sadly the lag still didnt get fixed. I realized it wasnt my gpu but my cpu that was the problem. it seemed that the cpu clock dropped from 4.4 ghz to merely 10 Mhz or something at times. I tested cpu stability using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and found that memory test made the huge lags happen. Then i realized i had swapped the 2 ram sticks i have around in the ram slots. I use one of those sodimm to dimm converter to use a 8 gb laptop ram on my desktop. I swapped them back to how they originally were and the lag is gone! So i guess that was the cause. Thank you guys for ur input!
  2. Alright i'll try that. However it was working all fine before the clean. I had not updated the drivers or anything when the issue came up. I'll still give it a try. Hopefully its a driver issue
  3. I mostly play games like Doom/GTA 5/Minecraft . Some old MMOs. I use two screens,one for playing the game and other for surfing youtube. Before the cleaning everything worked fine. But not now.
  4. Thanks to everyone who help me. A few days back i decided to give my pc a clean up because i had not done it for a while. I reapplied thermal paste on cpu and on the gpu. I cleaned the fans n all. When i opened up the gpu i saw alot of the thermal paste was collected around the die and was in a hardened state. I decided to remove it with a soft plastic knife. I scraped with minimum force removing the hardened paste. Then cleaned the dye with a microfibre cloth,reapplied paste and that was it. To my dismay, once i fired up some games they had massive fps drops which wasnt the issue before cleaning. But this is the weird part. Whenever i alt tabbed out of the game or opened my task manager and back, the fps drop was gone and everything went back to normal. I thought this issue might go away but it has been a few days since its doing this. Thing that i have noticed in the task manager is the gpu usage randomly jumps to around 40-50% whenever the lag comes in. Its not just that the games lose fps but even normal tasks such as typing in ms word or watching a video. The issue is really annoying and i'm not sure what to do to fix it. Pls guys any input is valuable. Thanks
  5. Wow! It worked! Thats very handy. Thank you very much!
  6. How did you get that png file? theres more of it when you hover over a link n all.
  7. Hey guys! Dont know if this is the right place to ask,but i am a huge retro lover and while playing some castlevania and wiki-ing stuff,i found that the castlevania wiki has a cool simon belmont mouse pointer on their website https://castlevania.fandom.com/wiki/Castlevania:_Aria_of_Sorrow I tried searching for one on websites which let us download custom mouse pointers but i couldnt find any which was the same or similar to that one. So i was wondering if somehow i could download/extract it from the website itself. Thanks in advance :)
  8. Hey guys! I am trying to buy a decent enough gaming laptop in my budget. The budget is tight and the cheapest gaming laptop i could find is this one. Its a used laptop. My budget is around 30k INR ($425). I was hoping i could play modern games at least on low or ultra low. I just want a gaming laptop for when i am travelling. I already got a gaming PC but cant take it around everywhere :/ . Thanks alot for your replies! :) The specs of that laptop are i7 - 3610QM 4 core 8 thread HD 7970m GPU 1080p screen but i am okay with playing games at 720p. Thanks again! :)
  9. its not e3-1245 v2 but just e3-1245. Is it still the same? i think v2 is something different. i am not sure.
  10. Hello everyone . I am upgrading my cpu from i5 2400. I am tight on budget since i am not earning. My motherboard supports a list of cpus. The link is below. https://www.gigabyte.com/in/Motherboard/GA-H61M-S-rev-10#support-cpu i7 3770 is for £70 which i cant afford. But what i can afford is Xeon E3-1245. Which i have seen on ebay for £50. I have seen on intel website that their specs are nearly similar. I use the PC mainly for gaming. So i wanted to know if E3-1245 will give me almost the performance as 3770. I have an rx480 and my old i5 2400 pretty much bottlenecks it. Thank you for your replies Also i do not have an Overclockable board that is why i am not going for the K versions.
  11. I have checked my motherboard cpu support list and it does support 3rd gen processors. Its an H61 motherboard. GA-H61-MS.
  12. Hello guys . I am thinking of an upgrade for my system. My pc is old has an i5 2400 processor but i have an rx 480 4gb with 12 gb of ram. I am not earning so i have some budget. i was thinking of upgrading to i7 3770 but it is too pricey for me at £70 (UK). I am not going for the K versions since i dont have an overclockable motherboard. There is also i5 3570 which is for £32. I use the PC mainly for gaming and 60 fps is the most i desire. I am noticing that i5 2400 has kind of bottlenecked my gpu alot and i wanted a boost in fps in my games. What do you guys recommend? Thank you again for replying
  13. Haha alright got it thank you. I'll think over it.
  14. Yeah i feel like that too. I will ask him for gpu-z pictures to verify. I guess that should be good