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  1. i went till here and i dont kno what to do
  2. it is low profile card ....and i will check in bios and let u know
  3. i have installed a gt 710 on my g41 lga 775 mobo , the problem is when i connect my vga cable to gpu the monitor shows no signal at the same time when i remove it and connect it to monitor i get my win 10 screen .....i thought the vga port of my gpu is not working so i tried hdmi still not working pls help me
  4. hi guys ,the story goes like this.... couple of months back i brought a q9650 c2quad cpu unfortunately my old mobo didnt support the processor so now i brought a new g41 mobo .......i don't have a new hdd so i used the old one and made all connections (didt connect the gpu )just to see processor was good to my surprise the old hdd s win 7 did some self diagnosis and booted up and worked completely fine so i directly installed win 10 after installing i wanted to connect my gpu (gt 710) so i connected it to pcie and connected the connection to gpu port the cpu fan ran keyboard lights and capslock worked but no display so i turned off and connected the connection to motherboard and tried again with my gpu in pcie slot and it booted to win 10 i am really pissed off now can any one help me please
  5. hi guys ,in have gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2L motherboard which do not support core 2 quad but i brought the core 2 quad (q9650)for 4$ 300 rs i do not want to waste it is there any way to make it work like bios update and all pls help.
  6. i had cmos checksum error for which my motherboard underclocked from core 2 duo e8400 3ghz to 2.4 ghz now i changed the battery but still the clock speed is 2.4 ghz pls help thanks in advance!!!!
  7. additional info ......the fan was very small like the fan which was used by linus in 69 dollars build on YouTube and it had black chips saying intel on them 2 if those ........what should i do they have many different types of rigs how would i know which would belong to like 2010 sort year cause more older than that would be use less u sure bro what can i do with the other parts if its not working like some work and some dont
  8. dont know but 10 kilos near by and i can ask for discount
  9. the guy doesnt kno and its super cheap like 100 indian rs per kilogram
  10. it costs about 100 indian rupee s per kg (kilograms) and the guy doesn't know abt the specs