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  1. So there is this application/browser that many colleges around the New York area use to administer tests and exams online. The application in question is called Respondus Lockdown Browser. This browser basically is supposed to replace your traditional browsers (chrome, firefox...) when you're trying to take an exam. When lockdown browser is open it prevents you from switching to another application to prevent cheating. I thought I was smart and had the idea of creative a VM and using respondus within the VM so that I can freely switch between the VM and and my host pc to search up questions during the exam. I tried it and you can see how that turned out with the photo I attached to this post. Does anyone know of any parameters I can put in the .vmx file of the VM or is there anyway I can bypass this VM detection. I really need to figure this out by the end of October 7th. Here is the prepaid link to download Lockdown Browser if anyone wants to have a shot at bypassing this<Removed by staff> Please help me!!!
  2. I found the problem. I didn't have normal startup selected in the boot menu in msconfig. Thanks for the help tho.
  3. cant be. they are all detected but I cant enable all of them from msconfig
  4. All of my 8 cores are enabled in bios but cpu-z shows only 2 cores and before you suggest this i already checked my boot options for my cpu cores in msconfig. Can someone help