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  1. You do not need the 650w version unless you plan to do sli. I guess you are going with something like ryzen 2600. Even if you pair it with high end graphics card it would not take more than 450w.
  2. matus177

    Overclocking an i5 processor

    No, it is not compatible. You would need 300 series chipset for that(e.g. z370). The best upgrade you can do without replacing the board is the i7-7700. Make sure you have the latest bios before doing that.
  3. matus177

    RAM suggestions....?

    Well it can improve performance even with intel at certain tasks. Not by much but it can. And with today prices of ram it is not worth buying 2666mhz instead of 3200mhz because there is minimal price difference. Second thing is rgb rams are usually clocked higher. As you are paying kinda premium. To OP. I would go with 3000 or 3200 mhz ram as it is a sweet spot atleast in my opinion. Try to look for the lowest cl. Gskill trident z with b die chips are probably one of the best you can get but very expensive. I would not pay that much for ram. So I would recommend going with 3000mhz cl15 or 3200mhz cl16 you can find some nice rgb sticks there.
  4. matus177

    Hi i need help.

    You cant pair 8700k with x299 chipset. It wont work. You can pair 8700k with z370 chipset.
  5. matus177

    Need experienced opinions :)

    Hey! The best thermal paste you can get is grizzly kryonaut. One of the most popular budget thermal compounds are arctic mx-4 and mx-2. I am currently using coolermaster mastergel maker nano and I am really satisfied.
  6. matus177

    Do i need to RMA my motherboard?

    Are you sure that headers were picking temps of cpu and not temps of mb? I have asrock board too and i can switch between picking temps of motherboard (vrms i guess) or cpu. The problem is that if the cpu is not overclocked temps of vrms stay low all time. So it has no reason to rump up the fans. Btw the shopkeeper apparently does not know what he is talking about. Even if it is faulty board Asrock with Asus are tier 1 boards. With gigabyte and msi at tier 2. I would place msi last and would not recommend them for boards.
  7. I would try another psu because your psu is terrible. Some would call it fire hazard. It is okay price for gold psu. Try looking for Seasonic focus plus gold 550w they are usually cheaper and great psus. Or look at psu tier list in psu section of the forum and pick the cheapest one from tier 1-2. If it does not solve the problem you shoudl be able to return it(14 days).
  8. matus177

    intel i5 8400 vs i5 7600k vs i5 7640x

    My opinion is that there is no point in going for older gen cpus. 8400 is the best put of these as it is 6 core. You wont have any problem running 4k. Just put money into the gpu.
  9. Motherboard does not have effect on performance. Try looking at usage of cpu and gpu in game.
  10. matus177

    Best CPU for GTX 1080?

    Just oc the cpu, reinstall drivers. It should not have problems. And it is not worth to upgrade yet.
  11. matus177

    Motherboard recomendations

    z370 chipset boards dont work with 7th gen cpus. Look for the z270 variant of the board. It is a really bad advice from your friend .. not spending more than 80. I would go for either Asus or Asrock in price range of 150-250 you can find pretty good boards.
  12. matus177

    New builder needing help! Graphics card doesn't fit case?

    A photo would help. I do not know this exact case. But I am sure that screws should come with the case. If you look from outside the case you should see the lining around those little plates those are there to help it get out. I cant find any reasonable photo to show you but I hope you get it. You can do it before or after it does not really matter.
  13. matus177

    New builder needing help! Graphics card doesn't fit case?

    You have to just pop it (usually unscrew)... the little metal plate blocking your way.
  14. matus177

    Undervolting Laptop CPU. [Help]

    I would recommend XTU from intel. It has build in stress test (a bit poor but okayish) and very nice and simple interface. It also shows if cpu is thermal or power throttling. You can see basically everything there. Power consumption, clocks(even in graphs if you prefer that). You can undervolt directly in this app and it will keep the settings until the pc crashes.
  15. matus177

    Mini GPUs vs ...Full sized?

    Well yea. You asked mini vs full versions. So I tried to explain that there is difference. Then I was just shocked when I saw the temp. Just saying that I am almost sure that that card does not have 40 degrees under load. I do not know what causes those faulty readings maybe some previous drivers are messing with it or something. I just wanted you to know that there is a difference and I do not want you to male bad decision when or if the time comes for you to buy a new card.