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  1. i5-8400 really high temps?

    Yee.. I think that you should buy one of the equivalents to 212 evo. Any cheap 1 tower cooler with atleast some reputation should be good. It is really high temp for that cpu, especially when only playing games(it should be aroung 60 degrees). It should not reach those temps even during stress test. The mounting system on intel stock coolers is terrible.
  2. making a non-rgb case rgb?

    I do not know what u mean by rgb case. And yes it is possible and common to install rgb fans to light up inside of the case. If you go 2 top and 1 back it should be plenty for lighting up the case. It looks even better when the case has dark tint tg such as meshify c. Nowadays you can buy rgb mobos, rgb coolers, rgb ram sticks, basically everything. I personally do not like rgb strips in cases. It looks cheap-ish in my opinion. Maybe I have not yet seen it done properly? The other thing is that equally powerful components with rgbs can be 20% more expensive than without them(e. g. Ram sticks - non rgb 160, rgb 200).
  3. Can you check this? Thank you

    1. from what I know that monitor is terrible (viewsonic xg2402 would be much better) 2. you do not need 750W psu. 650 even 550W would be enough 3. i would rather pick the x62 for the cooler as its price is almost same as x52s but performs better 4. picking that high end hardware why not going for 500gb ssd, 256gb is meant for budget builds. Some games load a lot faster on ssd
  4. Is gtx 1060 worth it 2018 right now?

    If you can wait i recommend waiting. Not for the new gen but for the price drop when new gen comes out. You would probably experience bottleneck with anything higher than 1070 with that cpu. Btw 1060 is a really good card.
  5. Gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb life help..

    Is it just me or is this posted here 3 times? To the question. As it was said it can last 10 years but there is still possibility that it could fail anytime. You just cant tell.
  6. A new gpu card help

    Well thats fucked up. Its a shame that serbia is not member of eu. You could get cheaper cards from some german eshops like mindfactory.de. Since serbia is not part of eu it would not be posibble due to high tax and fees i guess. I would look for used gtx 970 too. It outperforms 1050ti and maybe u can find one in a good condition. If not stick with 1050ti. It is alright for 60hz. But wont do ultra in some titles. Make sure to buy a double fan.
  7. Try removing cmos battery and then put it back.
  8. Laptop Possible Temperature Fixes

    I would try undervolting it with xtu software. Try -25 stress test and then repeat lowering by 25 until it crashes. I did it with 5th gen laptop i7 and with 6th gen i7 and you can get pretty great results. Undervolting i7-6700hq lowered cpu temps during stress test by 10-15 degrees and power consumption went down from oike 40W to 25W
  9. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    No, it is not. No, it does not.
  10. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    Well, you can experience some tearing and that stuff but other than that no. It should be eprfectly okay. I am rarely reaching those 144fps and I havent noticed anything. Btw you can set many 144hz monitors to 60hz.
  11. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    When trying to reach 144hz it matters. Amd and intel has two very different architectures and many games favour intel. It depends whether you plan using your pc only for gaming or do you plan to do something else? Difference between m.2 and 2.5 ssds is that m.2 can be nvme drive but does not have to be. Drives using nvme are premium and they are useful only for people who transfers huge files dveryday e.g. video editing. Then there are cheaper sata drives which can be either 2.5 or m.2. And it really does not matter which you pick if you have exact same model of ssd both perform same.
  12. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    Okay so. What do you plan to do with your computer? Because if you game. Intel would be wiser choice. As you can get better results in games with blue team. The ram you linked is not bad but I would not recommend pairing it with ryzen. Ryzen cpus, especially first gen really benefits from fast ram, talking about 3000mhz+ would not go below that if you choose to go with ryzen. Well, in my opinion 24 is enough. If you want to go 27 or need that big of a screen then you have to realise that you are giving up some dpi. I have seen 1080p on 27 inch monitor and have worked with it and I did not like that I could see all those pixels. 25 is max for me at 1080p. For 27 I would go 1440p. Difference between 60hz and 144hz is quite huge. I have just moved from 60hz TN to 144hz VA panel and I like it much. Even movement of cursor in windows is much smoother. In finalle I was considering two panels the Viewsonic xg2402 and samsung c24fg73. I decided to go for the samsung. The viewsonic has tn panel which means that it has terrible colors and the viewing angles are just awful that really bothered me on my old monitor. That is the reason why I went for the VA panel. It is something between the IPS and TN panels. Fast response time, nice colors, I did not have any problems with it so far. I really like it. Be aware that I was looking for good monitor for some time, I did my research(i actually studied reviews) and tried to pick the best in my budget which was 300 euro.
  13. Am I able to get 60fps 1080p with 1060 6gb?

    Hey man, I think that I can help you with your decision. I was in similar situation as you are. I am too lazy to read all of these but seeing things like 260 euro is insanely overpriced for 1080p monitor or that 60hz and 144hz is no difference is just bullshit. Have you already bought any of the items? Or are you planning from the scratch?
  14. If you want to watercool or do not mind high noise and temperatures(that means little bit lower performance) than founders is good. But I would look for another custom card. Where I live you can get good custom 1080ti for cheaper than FE.
  15. CPU+Motherboard replacement

    Would not recommend going for that. You are wasting your money on few years old used cpu that might become obsolete because of its 4C/4T. You can get brand new i5-8400 for I guess ~160? I do now know what is pricing in your country. Pairing it with some cheapest b360 mobo you can find and 8 Gb of DDR4 (even used). Or atleast look for i7-4790k. If the money is real problem maybe look for some not old used combos? Anything like ryzen 1600(even 1400) or i5-8400 with mobo plus ram. You could get some money by selling current setup. Probably not much but atleast something. New i3-8100 performs roughly same as i5-4690k.