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  1. Fuck man I should've done some homework before buying this piece of shit PS-are you sure?
  2. Can someone help me out I'm having Asus R558uq-dmd701d and it isn't having precision drivers. Currently, I'm using Asus smart gesture control which is very much creepy sometimes
  3. The one in which he goes to one of his relative's house somewhere abroad and does networking there! Along with upgrading their slow pc
  4. Can anyone help me finding out the app that Linus used in one of his videos to check out the wifi strength and to choose the channel in which lesser amount of signals are being broadcasted?
  5. Yup we have some of the local websites but I don't think so that they sell used stuff.
  6. But you said to check for used products. Also I'm in India it will incur custom duties and other taxes to import via those!
  7. thanks but most of the tutorials need to download already installed virtual hard drives and configurations
  8. Sorry then actually it was for a virtual machine.
  9. Can Someone please help me in installing Mac OS High Sierra on Vm ware. I'm having the iso file for the operating system.
  10. Can you share some links please to the hardware quoted?
  11. Where would I get this for "cheap" as quoted by you!