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  1. I have the H100i v2 240mm for my main PC. The fans were so loud that i had to swap them for Noctua ones. Are the new corsair fans any better?
  2. I'm looking for a quiet 120mm AIO for an ITX build. Case is Coolermaster Elite 110. Any recommendations?
  3. Any experiences with the noise level? Some people seem to have problems even at idle https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/XPS-9370-Fan-Noise/td-p/5803616
  4. https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/ https://www.amazon.de/ https://www.saturn.de/ http://www.mediamarkt.de/ https://www.computeruniverse.net/ https://www.expert.de
  5. Can anyone recommend me a laptop with the following specs: 8th Gen Intel i5/i7 Thunderbolt 3 (want to use eGPU) Not bigger than 16 inch No dedicated GPU DP or HDMI Port Preferably matte screen (not that important) Full HD Reputable vendor Price under 1500€ Available in Germany