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  1. Found the problem. Turns out I never install the Intel Graphics Driver and I've been using microsoft basic display adapter
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently using the integrated GPU of i7 8700k due to my Dedicated GPU have some issue. The problem is that the screen tear when watching YouTube. Is it normal? Moreover, when running DotA 2 (Lowest Settings). The FPS is only around 20+ which is extremely low. This YouTuber review the iGPU Anyone know what might be the problem? Any test that I could run? Thanks. RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance Monitor: 1080p
  3. Hi guys, So my dedicated GPU is not working and I am currently using iGPU, I realise that the FPS is damn low in DotA 2. Menu scene is only around 20 FPS. In game is around 25 FPS in the lowest game settings. This occured when I first bought it and I didnt care much because if I am using dedicated GPU. Is it normal? Moreover, like using WhatsApp Web for example, i realise that theres some lag when opening the chat (not the connection problem, but like low frames) Thanks Mobo: Z370 Fatality ITX SSD: 256GB Samsung 960 Evo RAM: 32GB
  4. Hello everyone,Sometime when I watch YouTube, the video will be fuzzy, if I Full Screen the video then the problem will go away.The same video if I use Incognito in Chrome browser, the fuzzy will be gone.Does anybody know why it's like that?I bought a used GTX 970 and this problem only occured when watching YT videos and very rare honestly.My drivers is also up to dateThanks.
  5. So you are saying in my case its perfectly normal even though I am not overclocking? Thanks.
  6. Hello guys, This is my Specs CPU: i7 8770K Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 Case: NZXT H200i No overclocking So when I am playing CS GO for let's say 30 minutes. The Highest temperature would reach 85C for like 6-8 seconds. Normally would stay around 60-70. Sometime 70-80C. Is it normal considering my Cooler is H100i V2? I use HWINFO to monitor the temperature every 2 seconds and then generate the data via Excel sheets. The 85C is very rare, a lot of time it will jump into 85C then next 4 seconds drop to 70-60. What I am trying to say is that it only occurred few seconds for any temperature above 80. It is a new RIG so I don't think there's much dust. Moreover, I never installed the Corsair Cooler USB Link, do you think that's why the cooler is not performing well? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post. So I recently finished my build and didn't install any drivers from the Disc given by the motherboard ASROCK. Windows 10, no yellow tick in the hardware as well. But then I feel maybe I should install the driver given by the ASRock, I head over to their website and download the driver from them then try to install one by one. Had no problem at all. Then I install the Intel Rapid Storage Management, no problem as well. After that I move to Intel Optane Memory Driver and told me that I cannot install that Driver because I have Rapid Storage Management. Then I tried 1-Click-Optane-Driver by ASROCK. When I start it, command prompt shows up and start installing, then my PC restart and I cannot login anymore at this point. The reason is because my password is keep incorrect, I believe I need wifi to connect to my account which at this point, there's no connection available at all. Moreover, the graphic also became like 800x600 (like before installing GPU Driver). So I believe that all my Driver is gone or reseted. Very stressed and panic I start to plug in the USB and maybe reinstall the Windows. I click on "Custom" in the Windows Installation and found out that the partition became like 4 (some MBR Reserve, some Recovery) which initially only had one. I tried to install the Windows but then I had error message " windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.". I then formatted the 4th Partition which has the Windows file I believe because it is the largest size and try to Install on it but had the same error message, after few restarts and same error message. I tried to format all partitions and then delete all. The moment I delete all, the partition becomes one again and I can now install on it. My question is should I be worried? Will it affect my PC performance or maybe I need to contact the mobo or anything will happen with my SSD? Thanks sorry being paranoid
  8. Thanks for your reply! Yes! That's what I thought as well. Just that when I google there's just so much scary incident. So just want to confirm with you guys. Haha. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply. For the sparks that occured to me, should I be worried? My PC is running perfectly fine right now though but I dont know whether it will cause problem to the performance of the PC or other components?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I saw the sparks into the air. Umm mine was 650 W. Don't worry. It works perfectly fine now tho haha.
  11. Hi guys, sorry if the title is not quite clear so I will explain I bought new seasonic focus plus gold 550w and assemble my PC everything nicely. I plug the PSU into an extension cord which is switch off. The moment I finish the assembling, I turn on the PSU then I click on the Power button twice and nothing happen because I forgot to turn on the power in the extension cord. I then turn on the power in the extension cord and press the Power Button on the PC but its not booting. I am confused and I check the extension cord, I realise I accidently turn it off again ( I have a habit to turn things on and off, OCD. Apparently the extension cord is still off). And at that moment I then switch ON the extension cord, the PSU has short sparks and then the PC Automatically turns on (Without me pressing the Power Button). After that just to make sure everything is okay, I switch off the PC and try to power it on via the Power Button and it works. I tried to turn off the PSU and Extension Cord then turn it on again to check if my PC will start automatically when turn on the extension cord (without pressing the power button), but then it didnt boot. So basically now my PC is running perfectly fine and that problem is one time thing. Here my question is should I be worried? Does anyone know why this happen? Thanks. Sorry english is not my main and I am extremely paranoid haha.