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  1. i sent it to a pc repair shop and they said that the graphics card itself is perfectly fine, it is not loosing connection due to bad pcb it is physically disconnecting itself from the socket
  2. My graphics card disconnects itself from the motherboard every few days. It's screwed in on one side and it clicked on the motherboard itself. I tried putting the case horizontally but it is still not helping. The graphics card is a bit on the larger side (amd rx 580) but that shouldn't be a problem. I tried replacing the motherboard with a brand new one but it doesn't help. Every morning when i turn on my pc i get a black screen that stays that way until i re-seat the graphics card. Once re-seated the graphics card stays in place until the next day, although sometimes it disconnects midday. The only way to keep it connected seems to be if i tighten the power cable to the graphics card so that it is screwed in on one side, pinned on the motherboard and then held in place by the tightened power cable. Is this a factory problem with the motherboard/graphics card or is something else happening? The motherboard is Gigabyte a320m-h. The pins on the graphics card seem to be intact and ok, this is also the case with the motherboard, i replaced the motherboard but it doesn't help...
  3. I think i found the reason, the psu seems to be malfunctioning, the whole case is under voltage.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with my PC. Sometimes on turning on the pc via the power button results in a black screen and hdmi not detected message (i have tried using a different monitor or cable this is not the issue, the monitor and cable work perfectly with my laptop). If i restart again sometimes the system will post and it will work fine. On other occasions there will be green artifacts on the screen, sometimes concentrated in two vertical lines, and sometimes spread evenly all over the screen. In 90% of the cases once the system is turned on it will work without problems even in gaming/stress applications. Sometimes the screen will randomly freeze and show a black screen with hdmi not working. I have sent my graphics card to the local repair shop and the store cleric there after a few days said the graphics card is working fine and that the problem is likely in my motherboard. I have changed my motherboard with a brand new one but the problem persists. So to summarize, the problem seems to disappear if i restart the pc via the power button and is usually only present when turning on my pc for the first time in the morning, once it is turned on, the problem almost never appears. Also if the system booted up correctly the first time, turning it off, waiting and turning it back on again will in result in power on without any problems. Secondly re-seating the graphics card seems to solve the problem temporarily, this is why I thought the problem was with the motherboard PCI-E connection.
  5. Ok, I need help I have a Lenovo ideapad 700 laptop and it is serving me perfectly, just the battery was crap from day one ,putting out a maximum of 2.5h of internet-less movie reproduction at medium brightness just to totally fail a few months back, giving me a laptop that is more of a desktop. The battery refurbishing or buying a new one would cost 200+ US$ since there isn't a a service provider for that type of battery in my country, and the battery capacity wasn't good enough when it was new... I need a laptop that i can take to college and be able to go at least a couple of hours of cordless work (5+ ideally) and that like in the title it can support photoshop and autocad. My main laptop/desktop would be the main workstation and this would be for class workflow since i am an architecture student. I have scoured the internet shops here and so far i have found only LG gram for about 1300$, Windows Surface starting at about 1500$ and so on. Cheaper variants like the amazon most popular Acer Aspire e15 is not available in my country at all and amazon would charge me 350$ price + 175$ shipment. So far as the shops here go the cheapest variant is Macbook air starting at around 1200$. Can you list a few cheaper laptops with decent specs and battery life, so i can check the availability here. PS. I have no brand/OS/spec preferences just please no Chromebooks my college internet sucks and Im forced to use mobile data on my phone (thank god for 4G) Thanks a lot
  6. Yes i thought of that as well but the import fees for things here is abnormally huge since they have some shit brand new margin from i don't know where. Maybe i'll just get on a flight to Chicago directly from here since I'm 2km from the airport and the ticket costs 850$ for the return flight anyways thank you for reminding me that i live in the fiscal approved hell... One more thing can someone recommend me the ATX motherboard for an 1060 gtx, that has but not necessarily SLI support and that supports the ryzen 1600x processor, also with support for 32gb+ ddr4 ram so favorably 4 ram slots I know I'm probably a pain in the scrotum, but thanks anyways
  7. Well here as you said the price sky-rocketed because of bitmining and the 6gb gtx 1060 costs around 520$ new and for example the reference card 1070 8gb goes for around 850$. The used market is worthless as well with only really old cards like gtx 660ti going for 140$ and i don't even have to mention the 1080ti asus 11gb going for 1440$ through shady over the border delivery since all the store ones are sold out. The only thing you can find on the used market these days is the bitmining rigs going for 10000$+
  8. Ok so Campy mentioned the rx amd graphics cards Here in Eu the price is same for the asus amd rx 580oc 8gb ddr5 as for the asus nvidia 1060 6gb ddr5 Is the nvida worth compared to amd and at what level. Here i can order the 550/560/570/580 for 140/250/550/650 US$ respectively Here no more wall Just good ol' fence
  9. Ok, hello guys i am sure this question has been asked a million times but what is actually true. So far i have had and used always intel processors and before this laptop that i have right now, i actually had an amd graphics card with an intel processor. But history aside, what i really want to know now is what is best. After checking a lot of linus tech tips videos as well as techquickie i have had a change of mind about intel processors, and as i entered college and the waters of youtube rendering as well as graphics design and other work heavy programs such as 3dmax/blender and so on, i have to say linus videos made me think about the new ryzen chips. Now what i really want to know is how will amd ryzen 5 1600x go up against intel core i5 8400/7600k/7640x since these processors are about the same price range and my budget. After that i at first thought about SLI connecting 2 nvidia 1060 6gb asus cards with at first just buying one gtx card and adding another down the road, i thought of this after watching the linus video about more bang for the buck and rethought my original idea of buying 2 sli 1050 gtx cards straight away. Now how will amd ryzen 5 cooperate with nvidia 1060gtx and is it better staying in the "family". Also will i see performance upgrade to my laptop (i mean it may be obvious but for the sake of it indulge me) which rocks an i5 6600q with an nvidia gtx 950m 2gb ddr5 and 8gb ddr4 samsung? What is your suggestion on a moderate workstation/gaming PC. Also i would be using 16gb ddr4 ram with 3333mhz hyperx predator, as for the motherboard as you know that would depend upon whether i would end up using ryzen or intel and finally for rendering and 3d modeling how will the processors stack up to each other and is nvidia shadowplay better since its integrated in the graphics card support. Thank you and sorry for this block of text