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  1. Ok cool thanks so much for all the help greatly appreciate it!!! But on the motherboard it says it supports 7th generation Intel processors will it still support the 1600?
  2. Does the ryzen 1600 come with its own cooler? Sorry bit of a noob as have never built a pc before.
  3. Ok cool plus getting the i5 7600 also helps to bring my budget down but @Crunchy Dragon what would you recommend for a coffee lake or ryzen?
  4. Hey so was just wondering as never done a build before and was wondering about this motherboard as to whether it would work with what I'm thinking of using. I don't have a massive budget so trying to get as cheap as possible if your recommend me changing something that fine. I want to be able to run VR. So far I have MSI AERO geforce gtx 1070 - £350 AMD ryzen 5 1600 - £141.99 HyperX 8gb ddr4 ram - £64.63 WD Blue 1TB hard drive - £35.79 Corsair Mid Tower ATX computer case -£39.99 Price - £678. 86 And the motherboard I was thinking of was the Asrock AB350- Pro4 -£62.40 Price after motherboard= £ 694.80 I really want to stick with this as I can't really expand my budget anymore Pls can someone help!!!! Also is the price difference between the gtx 1060 6gb and the gtx 1070 worth it?
  5. Ok thanks so much for this. Would you mind still notifying me on this chat when it's on eBay or somewhere. That would be the best at the moment. Then I'll be in contact. Thank you very much.
  6. Also sorry another quick question. I know this may sound really stupid but I don't know a lot about pcs and stuff as this will be my first one. Will I still have windows 10 pro if I buy this? Sorry its probably a really stupid question.
  7. Would you mind notifying me when it's up and sending me a link? I live in the west midlands (will give you full details when a deal is made. Don't want to give out address on this website) so quite far but really really want and like your pc .
  8. Has this computer been put up on eBay or something yet? And if so how long would you be willing to hold onto it before collection or something. As I was just researching ready for the summer when I would buy a pc. But the offer your giving me is amazing and I would definitely be interested. Also need to ask about postage. I can pay postage or petrol fees or I will find a way to pick it up or something. Are you willing to hold onto the pc for a bit and then I will pay postage?
  9. That looks awesome!!! Would it be able to run vr? Would it be ok if you could run a steam vr test to see if it's compatible? If it is then maybe yes
  10. Do you know a motherboard that does and works with the build I've already got going?
  11. Hi guys, I've had the help of the community and have chosen that I will be building a pc ( even though I haven't persuaded my parents to let me yet). I just need to ask what difference the motherboard makes to a pc build? Is it better to get a more expensive one? Im thinking of using a AMD ryzen 5 1500x and a gtx1060 6gb as I'm on quite a tight budget but still want to be able to use it for vr ( when it improves). But I always got suck on what motherboard to get. Somebody please help me!!! Pc build price (want to stay under £700) And ryzen 5 1500x- £135.48 Superclocked Gtx 1060 6gb- 329.99 Corsair 450 watt power supply- £32.61 Hyper X fury 8gb ram - £64.63 WD blue 1tb- £37.50 Also what size case would I need for the build? So far total price= £600.21 (the cheaper the better)
  12. Do you have any recommendations for websites as I'm not allowed to built my own pc as I would probably mess it up. So any recommendations for websites? ( I live in the UK so if these websites could deliver to the UK that would be brilliant!)
  13. What's the difference in price and specs? Oculus states that the recommended specs for CPU was a 1500x will the 1500 still work?
  14. It's on cyber power pc and it's going for £740. But just found the same computer on Dino Pc for £680
  15. Hi guys. Found what I think might be a good deal on a computer ( as I'm not allowed to build one) it's has an And ryzen 5 1500x and a gtx 1060 6gb. I can't run the steam vr test as don't actually have the computer btw. Will this be able to run vr? I know that the ryzen 5 1500x is the required spec for oculus so will it be able to run it?